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Morrisons of Legan (Church of Ireland, Kilglass Parish)

Hi - my partner, brother and I are planning to visit Ireland in October so I'm attempting to find out more of our Irish ancestry.  My branch of the Morrisons, were tenant farmers.  My 3xGGF, Charles Morrison (b. 1779, location ?), place him in the title allotment books of 1823 and his acreage is noted.  Today that place is called Legan. His youngest son, Robert (b. 1823 in Smithfield?) immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1845, with other siblings and his father Charles, who was widowed when Robert was very young, immigrating several years later but it may have been during the famine years.

Charles name shows up in the 1799 Longford Militia muster in Col. Fox's brigade.  Fox was a major landowner near Smithfield and Foxhall townland is named after him.

I have seen photos of Legan on Google and also an image of Kilglass Cemetary. I'm hoping there may be headstones identifying other Morrisons or may be even my 3x GGM, Mary Young who died when Robert was very young (b. 1823) . Mary's father was Robert Young and also lived near Smithfield and I'm advised his name is in title books too (the only Young in the vicinity) in the townland/parish next to Smithfield.  I know nothing else of the Young family.

Because of their surnames and even Christian names appear to be of a Scottish persuasion, I wonder of their ancestors were part of the "Ulster" plantation movement in the 1600s. Is there a Records Office in Longford or Ulster which contains information on this subject and names of families from Scotland who participated in it?

That is all the information I have on my Irish ancestors and if would love to hear from you if you have any tips on how/where I can find out more.  If you have a staff member who lives in the towns I mentioned, it'd be wonderful to meet up with them and hear about the history of that area.

Many thanks and look forward to our visit (I travelled around Ireland in a caravan in 1975 as a 20 year old and have fond memories of that time.)


Ruth Luckock (Melbourne, Australia)

Ruth Luckock

Friday 24th January 2020, 05:24AM