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Seeking information about the Teehan Family who lived at 23 James Green Kilkenny. Last known relative living there was Tess McGowan niece of my father Edward John Teehan. I seek details of my 5 uncles  - Michael, William, Patrick, Peter, Richard and my aunt Mary - my father's siblings. I also seek information about my grandparents, Michael and Mary and my grandmother's maiden name - she came from County Mayo. I have no middle names for anyone except my father. Any assistance will be very much appreciated as has not been of much use. Many thanks,

Pat Borgardt


Thursday 6th August 2020, 04:41AM

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  • Hi Teehan, 
    A few hints on the years would help.
    Your fathers year of birth and month will help and was he the eldest or the youngest.

    Depends on the years as to where to look.
    House numbers in census returns, they are numbered, but not on most of the doors, it just I dentified the house.
    There wasn't any Teehan in James Green in 1901.
    In 1911 a John Kennedy lived at number 23.




    Thursday 6th August 2020, 09:34AM
  • Hi Pat,

    Please see your earlier post. This is a sad story in relation to Michael's wife - Ellen - and their 4 children.



    Thursday 6th August 2020, 10:56AM