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I'm not sure what parish - but here's what I have, from a 1922 US (Pennsylvania) newspaper.  (All brothers except James, the oldest, moved to England, then the US). 

"Word has been received here of the deaths of James Mullen and his wife, Mrs Anne Mullen, Sunday, April 23 at their home in Monaghan Ireland.  Mr. Mullen was 78 years old and Mrs. Mullen was 76 years old.  Both were born in the same month, taken ill on the same day, and died on the same day.  Their illness lasted one month. Mr. and Mrs Mulllen were two of Monaghan's oldest residents and actually the oldest persons in business life of the town.  Mr. Mullen entered business life at an early age and when there were no better facilities for transport, before the railway was introduced to Monaghan, he engaged in the business of a carrier, his carts being well known in Dunda_k, where he had many old business associations.  For a great many years he was a member of the old town commissioners and later was made a member of the Urban Council and was elected time after time, and only retired at the past election.  In public life he was a man of indomitable courage whom influence could not seduce from the upright path.

Mr and Mrs Mullen are survived by three sons, Peter, John and James, two daughters, Mrs Margaret Asken and Nellie; two brothers of Mr. Mullen, Patrick J and Peter both of Trotter (US), one sister, Mrs. Ellen Caffery of Point Marion (US), two grandsons, James and Francis Mullen who bereft of their parents in infancy.  Mrs. Mullen is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Madeline Firth, Mrs. Keenan and one brother, Francis McAller, of Belfast Ireland."

Funeral was at St. Macartan's Cathedral in Monaghan Ireland

We are in the planning stages of a visit in May, so any help in locating anything pertinent.  I also have a picture of a grave marker my parents took when they visited in the 1990's (pre-Internet), which looks like it may be linked.  They had no info, just that the family was from Monaghan.  

Thanks in advance!


Wednesday 21st November 2018, 05:43AM

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