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Hi Folks, would any one have any info on Murnanes from Caherconlish . Believe my great great grandad married a Mary great great grandadwas Michael Dillon.




Wednesday 12th June 2019, 12:18AM

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  • Hi Kev, 

    The record of the marriage of Michael Dillon and Mary Murnane is on Roots Ireland (subscription site) The details are as follows.

    Date. 21 June 1861.

    Parish: Caherconlish.

    Husbands name: Michael Dillon. 

    Wife's name: Mary Murnane.

    Denomination: Roman Catholic.

    Wittnesses: Michael Murnane and Anne Leary.

    Unfortunately it does not give the first names of the fathers of the bride and groom.

    Michael and Mary had 5 children.

    Margaret  approx 1862

    Hanorah  1867. Address: Gragane.

    John 1870. Gragane.

    Michael 1872. Caherline.

    Bridget 1875. Gragane.

    Margaret married James Hickey in 1899. This is the record.

    I did not find a record of marriages for Bridget, Michael or John. 

    Hanorah turns up in the census living with her sister Margaret in 1901.

    And again in 1911.

    Michael Dillon senior died in 1886.

    His wife Mary Murnane died in 1897.

    The wittness on the marriage of Michael and Mary, Michael Murnane was most likely the brother of Mary. I searched for a marriage for him and found this.

    The address would appear to confirm this fact. And now you can see their father was called Michael Murnane also.

    I haven't found a record of his marriage to find out the mother's name but I will have another look later.

    I hope this is of help to you.


    Thursday 13th June 2019, 04:06PM
  • Hey Miriam 

    Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out . This has confirmed I am on the right track and has given me new info to follow up. I live in Australia now after leaving the uk in 2000 but have fond memories of my times with my family in Ireland. 

    My last visit was to our Dillon reunion in Milford in 2015 where my father was brought up and myGrandad Michael Dillon ,son of John Dillon lived until he died in the sixties. I still have family living in the village.

    Thanks again Miriam have a fantastic day




    Friday 14th June 2019, 10:30AM
  • Kev, you're very welcome. 

    I had a look at the parish records to try to find a marriage record for Michael Murnane senior but I couldn't see it. That is not to say it's not there, the writing is pretty bad and pages faded and marked with over the years. However, if you have time to kill you may want to trawl through those records for Caherconlish and see if you can find anything.

    Link here.

    Good luck with your future research.


    Friday 14th June 2019, 03:08PM