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  Thank You II’m trying to find any descendants of Murray’s who were from Tallanstown, County Louth area. My GG-Grandfather was born in 1801. He married Mary Sharkey in 1831.. They had 5 sons together.. John, James, Charles, Felix & Thomas. I am John Murray’s great granddaughter. They immigrated to America & settled in NYC in 1860.   Trying to find any Sharkey - Murray descendants.. 

Thank You  



Friday 17th January 2020, 01:24PM

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  • Hi Pat, sorry but only read your post now and thought it was for Armagh first. Louth as you say is a county in the diocese of Armagh which itself is a county also. I have some local census on my laptop which I will look at tonight. We do not normally deal with living people unless the local volunteer knows them. I live about 25 miles away and we have no one closer. However if you are on Facebook there is a private Louth Genealogy page where if you join you may be lucky. 

    There is also a website on Louth if you Google Louth Genealogical Sources. Will add it later.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Saturday 18th January 2020, 11:00AM
  • Hi Again, I have had a look at the 1834 census of Tallonstown parish (there is also a townland f that name) the census list was done by parish priest and list head of house and number of Catholics and Protestants in the house but only names the head, there are more Sharkey names that Murray but plenty of each.

    Here is the website I mentioned There is a story on the site of the Wild Goose Lodge Murders which occurred in the area in 1816, not a nice story, Netflix made a film of it about the events locally about 3 years ago if you want to see if you can find it. Same name film.

    If you would post your story under the Chronicles section of the site, parish of Tallonstown, Louth it will be seen by all others visiting that site who will have a specific interest in the area.

    The census I mention was published in the Journal of the site above and is only available on the J Stor academic site that I am aware of.

    Feel free to ask any follow ups you may have.



    St Peters Louth

    Saturday 18th January 2020, 09:48PM