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Hia, I'm looking for information on my grandfather Michael Bolton born 1901 in Dundalk workhouse. His parents were William born 1854 ( also in the workhouse) and Anne Smyth/Smith 1854 in Dudley, UK. He was put into an industrial school when he was about 4 and he is listed on the 1911 census. When he leaves there we think he went to clare and joined the army in 1922, he listed his brother John as his dad, maybe because they grew up in the industrial school together and he followed him to Clare when he was released. We know he was in Sligo in 1940 where he met my nan and my dad was born in 1941. My dad never met him and knew nothing about him, but I would like to know if he had another family and ideally where he's buried.i have a feeling he may well have changed his name, his brother did. I'd be so grateful for any help or direction on where to look.many thanks

Christine layton

Friday 5th February 2021, 10:57PM

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  • Christine, there is an earlier post on this family and you can look at it here

    The marriage in 1874 and subsequent children, there are a lot, see some baptisms and some civil registry which is free here but sign in, you will not get church records suitable here but civil from 1864 for all BMDs.

    They appear to have a lot of problems putting it mildly, the first child in the workhouse I see was 1889, oddly you mention Clare as I see another William Bolton wife Anne Buglar and he is a shopkeeper and farmer in Clare, he cannot be a brother as he is William and I also see searches for this family on this site.

    I cannot see them on the census, I do see a Bolton and Murray family in Dundlak on the census and some of the witnesss at birth were Murray. We don't get into later research where living people might be involved but there is a Louth Genealogy Facebook page if you apply to join and may find someone.There is a Bolton Square here in Drogheda as a matter of interest and here is a site on Louth

    Intersting you think he joined the Army as the Irish War of Independence finished late 1921 so assume the Free State Army at the time, we were then more or less straight into the civil war of 1922 to 1923, There is an army museum may assist. 

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Sunday 7th February 2021, 11:26PM