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HELLO  TEAM.I am research my O'Brien family said to have come from  Summerhill County Meath.,but with no luck I also have looked for them in other counties  but with no luck.

THe followering infornation is taken from their shipping list.They came by the FERGUSSON as SElf-funded and as BOUNTY IMMIGRANTS IN 1841   They arrived 15th January 1841 at PORT PHILLIP left PLYMOUTH  25 SEPTEMBER1840 THE. AGENT WAS JOHN MARSHALL

The Family members were Father GARRETT  age 38 Labour Roman Catholic READ &Write NO  Native Place County MEATH IreLAND         CATHERINE age 36 Dairywoman ditto ditto    CHILDREN Thomas age 21   Garrett age 18   PAT age 13
Micheal age 10   Sylvester age 7   Ann age 16   mary age 5.

I think that both Garrett and his wife Catherine had put theirs ages back when they immigrated as their their ages did not much on their death certificate when they died in Victoria.

I would be very grateful  for any infornatiom you can tell me regarding this family.


All Australia

Wednesday 29th Jun 2022, 04:18AM

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  • Hi,

    Do you have the names of the parents of Garrett and Catherine?



    Wednesday 29th Jun 2022, 10:35AM
  • The following children were baptized in the parish of Tullamore, Co. Offaly; parents were Garret Brien and Catherine Whelehan. While the ages don't match the passenger list, the names and birth order do, so I thought I would sent this along. The parish of Tullamore might possibly border on or include part of Meath.

    Church Baptism Brien Patrick 1821 Co. Offaly

    Church Baptism Brien Garrett 1829 Co. Offaly
    Church Baptism Brien Thomas 1829 Co. Offaly


    Wednesday 29th Jun 2022, 04:17PM
  • HELLO  Patricia, Thank you for your reply.Sorry To SAY that I donot know that names of GARRET O'BRIEN and his wife CATHERINE ,but Catherine maiden was BRENNAN

    I donot think that the information regarding the Children matches my O'BRIEN family, but thanks.

    Kind Regards Mary King

    All Australia

    Saturday 2nd Jul 2022, 02:12AM
  • In the Tithe Applotments in Meath in 1828, a Philip Bryan (variation of O'Brien, Brien, etc.) was living in Summerhill:



    I hope this is helpful.


    Saturday 2nd Jul 2022, 01:10PM

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