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I am researching my G-grandmother, Bridget Myers (b. Kildorrery 1867) and her family, especially her siblings.

Bridget's parents - Thomas and Honora(Hannah) McCarthy married 2/2/1856.

I understand they were descendents of Edmund Miers (d.1762).

Does anyone have information on this Myers family? 



Thursday 26th September 2019, 10:55AM

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  • Hi Miriam,

    Thanks for your information. Thomas and William were the brothers who came to Australia with Bridget and Hannah.

    I have a Tithe Appplotment tax Assessment for a THOMAS MYERS, Scart Townland, Kildorrery Parish, 1834 from 'FamilySearch',film no.256629,,

    image no. 00363 and wonder if this is 'our' Thomas.

    Also, Honora's (Hannah) parents were Patrick McCarthy and Mary Clancy, according to her Queensland Death Certificate, registration no. 002072. Annette


    Friday 27th September 2019, 10:21AM
  • Hi Annette

    Greetings from Kildorrery. I have Bridget and William on the baptismal records for Kildorrery. Also John 26-07-1862. Unfortunately the baptismal records from 31-01-1865 to 21-05-1865 are missing so that rules out Patrick.

    From another source (unconfirmed for now) I have the following: 

    03-12-1859 Margaret Meyers to Thomas Meyers and Honora McCarthy. Note the different spelling.

    26-02-1865 Patrick Myres (Ballysurdane) to Thomas Myres and Hannah McCarthy.

    From our earliest records it would appear that there were two families of Meyers in the Kildorrery area: one in Scart and the other in Ballysurdane (more than likely related). Thomas Myers and Hanora lived in Ballysurdane in the early years and in another Kildorrery townland (Ballinguiroe) after that. Maybe they lived with their parents at first until they could afford a place of their own. 

    Meyers is a Palatine name. The Palatines left Germany in the 1700’s because of religious persecution (they were Lutheran) and fled to England. Arrangements were made with some Irish landlords for some to be sent to Ireland to boost the Protestant population. They settled in Kerry and Rathkeale in County Limerick. Some eventually found their way to Glenosheen which is just across the border in County Limerick. Ballysurdane is on the Cork side of the Cork/Limerick border. They were a peaceable group of people and worked the land, many intermarrying with locals but some still marrying among themselves, and keeping the German language and traditions alive. Other Palatine family names in this area are Youngs, Steepes and Boreman.

    There are still Myers families in Ballysurdane and I believe the old homestead there is about 300 years old. I may be able to put you in contact with someone who has a lot of knowledge of the Myres ancestry.

    Hope you enjoy the above.


    Kildorrery Ireland Reaching Out

    Kildorrery Cork

    Wednesday 9th October 2019, 01:54PM
  • Thank you Brenda. I would very much appreciate making contact with your ‘Myres, Meyers, Myers’ researcher. Annette 




    Thursday 10th October 2019, 11:23AM
  • Hi Annette

    I rang Kevin Myers re your query. He said you are quite welcome to contact him. If you have any problem please contact me back. Kevin's email as follows:

    If you are ever in Kildorrery I would be delighted to meet you.



    Kildorrery Cork

    Friday 25th October 2019, 04:08PM
  • Dear Brenda,

    I sent an email to Kevin Myers in November using the address you gave, but as yet I have not received a reply.

    Would you mind checking for me? I have also found that Bridget's mother, Honora, sailed to Australia and died in Ipswich.

    She was buried on 22nd June 1914. I have no idea when her husband, Thomas, died.

    Many thanks,



    Sunday 19th January 2020, 04:59AM
  • Hi Annette. There are indeed a number of Myers familys living in the Kildorrery area All are Related in the Templemologa Parish In the old townlands of Grauige, Ballysurdane, Kilclonney, Cullinagh. The townland of Scart is in a different parish but only 2 or 3 miles away maybe even closer. All the Myers family's in Templemologa Parish Kildorrery area are Related and there decendants are scattered all close by in the neighbouring townlands in Co Limerick and Co Cork.
    The Townland of Scart Myers familys was believed to be a different branch but some always believed they are the same if you go back far enough. There is evidence to suggest they are indeed all related. Its only matter of time before Y-
    DNA test will either confirm or deny the connection.
    Regarding the Myers name maybe Palatine thats not excatly correct.
    The name is not Exclusively Palatine again simple Autosomal DNA test can prove that point also regsrding the relevant familys.
    The Myers name and its variations can be of Irish, English and Scottish Ancestry and German but not exclusive to any of the above. The name has also been seen in Ireland in Huguenots familys.
    Thr Myers Familys in Castlelyons Cork are also connected to the Kildorrery Myers.
    Also in Co. Limerick Townlands Particles Kilfinnin, Townlands Upper Sunvile Ballyorgan and Kilcruig and Glenroe.
    If your looking for any more info
    My email is
    Warmest Regards Jason


    Friday 22nd January 2021, 09:56AM