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Neary family from Cloonagun and Breaffy, near Ballina, County Mayo

Hello, my grandfather ws Patrick Neary (1890-1963) of Cloonagun, Breaffy, County Mayo.  He was married to Winifred Naughton Neary and the father of 12 children.  His father was Thomas Neary and his mother was Catherine Neary.  I believe that both Thomas and Catherine may have resided in Breaffy, near Ballina, County Mayo.  Can you help me identify the maiden name and place of birth of my great-grandmother Catherine Neary?  Thank you.




Friday 11th January 2019, 08:52PM

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  • smb:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Patrick was born in either 1886 or 1887. See 1901 census record below showing him as 13 in 1901. I located his baptismal record on the subscription site Roots Ireland and his mother was shown as Catherine McKenzie. The transcription shows December 27 1887 but likely it was 1886 if he was baptized on January 6, 1887.

    Name:Patrick NearyDate of Birth:27-Dec-1887
    Date of Baptism:06-Jan-1887Address:CloonagunParish/District:KILMOREMOY/BALLINAGender:MaleCountyMAYO
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Thomas NearyMother:Catherine McKenzieOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:James Igoe Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Mary Gillespie 

    I also found a transcription of the 1867 marriage record. The image of the civil record is not yet available on the free site  but probably in the next 30 days, it will be online.

    In any event, they married February 2,1867. Thomas was 2 and Catherine was 20. Her surname was transcribed as McEnzy. Thomas' father was Thady and Catherine's father was Pat.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 11th January 2019, 09:52PM
  • Thank you for the valuable information you have provided.

    May I request, if possible, the maiden names of the wives of Thady Neary and Pat McEnzie a/k/a McKenzie?


    Sunday 13th January 2019, 03:57PM
  • smb:

    Civil marriage records only showed the names of the fathers of the bride and groom.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Sunday 13th January 2019, 08:51PM
  • Thank you for your response.

    Some older relatives believed that Catherine Neary was a Quinn or that an earlier Neary bride’s maiden name was Quinn.

    Is it possible to check other records to determine the maiden name of Thady Neary’s bride?


    Monday 14th January 2019, 07:07PM
  • This might be Thady's marriage record.

    Date of Marriage:02-Feb-1826
    Parish / District:KILMOREMOY/BALLINA
    Husband  Thady Naary Address Kilmore
    Wife MargaretRowaneAddress:Kilmore

    I looked for a Thomas Neary baptism with father Thady and the record that came up had a different name for the wife of Thady.

    Name:Thomas NearyDate of Birth:25-Nov-1834
    Date of Baptism:26-Nov-1834Address:BreghyParish/District:KILMOREMOY/BALLINAGender:MaleCountyMAYO
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Thady NearyMother:Catherine DaltonOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:James Murphy Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Mary Nary 


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 15th January 2019, 07:37PM
  • Oh wow, Roger, this is amazing information. I recently had a DNA match with a Christine Joy Staunton on "23 and Me".  I could not figure out the blood connection as it was predicted to be 3rd grandparents.  Christine's mother's maiden name is Dalton; a surname I did not recognize in my you have now assisted Christine to better understand her connection to Mayo; surprised me to no end...and the Quinn mystery continues. : )  Thanks so much; you are awesome!  Sharon



    Tuesday 15th January 2019, 10:18PM
  • Another descendant of Thomas & Catherine Neary from Breaffy, Ballina checking in here. I too believed Catherine Quinn (not McKenzie) was my Great-Great-Grandmother - however I'm at a loss finding a matching marriage for this couple. I do have a handful of births (both civil & baptisms for Neary & Quinn children in Cloonagun, Breaghwy).

    How common was it for someone to use an alias? Could Catherine McKenzie have also gone under Catherine Quinn? I've come across this once before with another branch of my family.

    I was given the following information from a relative (since deceased) : Thomas & Catherine Neary had 10 children.

    Bridget, never married, d.1940

    Mary, emigrated to the US but returned and married Anthony Gallagher, Breaffy

    Anne (my Great-Grandmother) married Michael Howley, Cloonta [Kilgarvan] in 1912

    Patrick, married Winefred Naughton

    Michael , James, Thomas, Thady & Catherine emigrated to USA, Catherine died before 1912, no knowledge on the boys marriages, Thomas married in Ireland, Thady & his wife died leaving orphans who were brought back to Ireland.

    That gives me 9 kids, I've misplace the second page!

    There are Civil Births for John Quinn (b. 1869) and Catherine Quinn (b.1874) who's parents are Thomas Neary & Catherine Quinn, Breaffy, Ballina. The rest do not appear to be registered.

    I also found some baptisms from Kilmoremoy, John (1869), Thadeus (1871), Catherine (1873) and Thomas (1877) again born to Thomas Neary & Catherine Quinn.

    There's a McKenzie birth that fills the gap between 1873-77 for Bridget Quinn in 1875.


    Friday 21st June 2019, 04:18PM
  • Hi BTG, what is your name?

    To the best of my knowledge, Catherine Quinn was born in Glanduff.  She married Thomas Neary and the couple resided in Breaffy.  Their son Patrick Neary (1886-1963) was my grandfather; he married Winifred Naughton in or about 1915 and they resided in Cloonagun, Breaffy.

    Packie O'Donnell, a life long resident of Glanduff, who still resides there, might be able to provide you with additional details regarding Catherine Quinn Neary.

    I don't know where or when Catherine Quinn and Thomas Neary may have been St. Muredach's in Ballina or one of the Catholic Churches in the surrounding villages; ie., Attymass or Bonniconlon. Before 1898, some of these towns were situated in County Sligo. I don't live in Ireland so I am unable to access the Church records. A genealogical website focused on the Naughton family references Catherine Quinn and Thomas Neary; it is managed by Foxford native John F. Sheerin.  See,

    Catherine McEnzie was born circa 1856 (daughter of Michael McEnzie and Ann Durkin )and married William Neary circa 1883; close in time and geographical proximity to Catherine Quinn and Thomas Neary.  Catherine and William The couple resided in Bonnyconlon and had many children. See,

    Hope this helps.






    Friday 21st June 2019, 09:30PM
  • Hi SMB, thanks for the quick response! My name is Brian. I live in Ireland myself - both of my parents are from Mayo (Attymass & Breaffy).

    I didn't know Catherine Quinn was from Glanduff - that's new information. If so Attymass would most likely be the church for marriage. Sadly it's surviving records begin c.1874 which is too late considering we have a child John born in 1869.. If John was the first born then we're looking for a marriage not long before that. I've been told it was a Priests duty to register marriages they officiated, which is why I'm surprised no marriage turns up in the Civil Records. I've found Civil Records misfilled in the wrong district more than once so I'll dig around.

    Thanks very much for the links - I have some reading to do. Regarding the McKenzie's however, I did find a baptism in 1875 for a child born to Thomas Neary & Catherine McKenzie (in Breaffy) - so it seems there was more than one Neary/McKenzie couple. So I'm still confused on that front.

    You've been very helpful and I'll see if I can uncover anything else.


    Saturday 22nd June 2019, 05:09PM
  • Hi Brian, I’m Sharon. My late mother was Eileen Neary of Cloonagun, Breaffy. I’m American from New York; I’ve been back to Ireland many times and have cousins in Attymass, Bonnyconlon, the Church Road in Ballina, and Breaffy.  I took a “23 and Me” DNA test last year and matched several people through the Nearys; even more through the Naughtons, both families are from Cloonagun. One of my matches is a John McKenzie with whom I am purported to be a third cousin with common great-great grandparents. I emailed him a note yesterday to discuss the connection and am awaiting a response. I too would like to resolve the Quinn/McEnzie issue.  John McKenzie lists among his additional family surnames Loftus, Henry, Gordon. It might be enlightening for you to take the “23 and Me” test to determine whether we match.  If you would like to communicate, my email is Slan.








    Sunday 23rd June 2019, 04:45AM