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King Family Boyle Elphin Roscommon

29-May-20 22:20
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon) 2 Jackie:
by Castlemore Roscommon 29-May-20 23:44

Derrycooldrum, Newport, Mayo????

29-May-20 18:54
Ireland XO Community, Mayo 2 This placename sounded very
by shanew147 29-May-20 19:46

Can't load photo of building

29-May-20 17:01
Ireland XO Community, Derry 1

aussie needing hekp with brick wall

29-May-20 11:51
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 5 I notice an Anne Maria James who
by Elwyn 29-May-20 18:28

Looking for information on the 1816-1817 immigrantion to the Americas

29-May-20 0:32
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 3 Hi there:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 29-May-20 11:05

Looking for information on this Left Carlo/Wexford area in 1816 = 1817 immigration to America

29-May-20 0:29
Ireland XO Community, Carlow 2 Hi there:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 29-May-20 11:07

Mary Small versus Mary Duggan

28-May-20 22:53
Hospital (Limerick) 3 Eileen:
by Castlemore Roscommon 29-May-20 19:01


28-May-20 21:53
Ireland XO Community, Derry, Tamlaght Ocrilly (Derry) 3 I found a likely brother to
by Elwyn 29-May-20 8:35

Searching for Ancestors/info Mary Bridget brannigan DOB 12th jan 1911 , Clonmel County Tipperary

28-May-20 21:51
Ireland XO Community, Tipperary 3 Hello Roger,
by John 29-May-20 16:06

Gilbert Smith, born 1831, w/ father Adam Smith and mother uncertain

28-May-20 20:16
Meath 2 Jeanne:
by Castlemore Roscommon 28-May-20 21:46