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Newell & Whalan


I have a relative James Newell who arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1841 under assisted passage on board the Eleanor. His records indicate that he was from Quansboro and that his father James and mother Honorah were deceased. It's also stated that he was aged 19 upon arrival but so were the 31 other single males on the particular page of the passenger list which throws some doubt on his birth year. On this basis I'm guessing anywhere between 1818 - 1823.

There is some suggestion elsewhere on line that Honorah's surname was Whalan though there don't appear to be any records of this person to be found via Ancestry, Family Search, Find My Past or Irish

If anyone could throw some light on the Newells or Whalan's of Quansboro in the Parish of Fahy it would be much apprecaited.

Peter O'Dwyer



Tuesday 29th October 2019, 08:02AM

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  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for mentioning the sources you've tried - saves a lot of work!

    I tried www/ but no luck with baptism, parents' marriage or deaths I'm afraid

    I tried a cd I have Memorials of the Dead Galway & Mayo but none there either.

    The Tithe Applotments (free at have a James Newell in Galway in 1829: townland Raha, parish Kilcummin

    There are 4 Whalans but all in Carlow.

    Regrettably, the R C registers at the Nat Library of Ireland (free online) have Quansboro baptisms & marriages but they only start in 1891 & 94 respectively

    If perchance they were C of I, according to the list of Parish Registers on the Representative Church Body Library's website, the Fahy parish BDM records are held locally (Fahy) but doesn't give the years available or which they have (B,D &/or M

    There are 4 Newells in the 1821 Irish Census in Galway - all in Athenry (but no James); no Whalans in any county

    Sorry I couldn't crack it for you!






    Wednesday 30th October 2019, 06:32AM
  • Thanks  for your efforts Col.

    Sure is frustrating with there being no Parish Church Registers held a for the Parish of Fahy & Kilquain and the records in the neighbouring Parish of Killimore & Tiranascragh staring in 1831.

    A search of the surname Newell (and similar) across Galway revelas that the vast majority hailed from Galway City and surrounds. The neaest records I can find to the Kilquain / Stowlin / Fahy area are located well to the north in the Tuam locality.

    Since my original post I have however uncovered within the 1824 Tithe Applotment Book five records of landhoholders with the Townland of "Quainsborough" within the Civil Parish of Kilquain, one of which is for a Pat Whealan. So at least I can speculate that I've possibly found Honora's father. If there were Newell's living in this area then it would seem they were farm labourers (or maybe even bog cutters) and that the family name was not so common in this part of Galway.

    I also found a James Newell baptism record in Raha but I feel that it's just too far away from Quansboro to be assocaited with my James.

    Any thanks again Col



    Friday 1st November 2019, 01:05AM