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Noonan of Duntryleague

I am trying to find out the name of a graveyard which I was told was Clonbeg.  Don't know if this is the name of the town or the graveyard, but it was supposed to be near Bansha.  I was given an inscription of  a tombstone and would like to find out the exact name of the graveyard and whether or not this graveyard might be listed on Historic or one of the other websites.

The inscription reads -


This monument was erected by

JOHN NOONAN of Duntryleague

in memory of his beloved father

MICHAEL NOONAN who depd this life

23rd August 1839 aged 75 years

also his mother


depd 6th Aug 1821 aged 46

and his son EDMOND NOONAN

depd Aug 3rd 1843

Requisat in pace

Thanking you in advance,

Cathy Negrycz




Sunday 2nd August 2020, 07:56PM

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  • Hi,
    There are Noonan's listed in Galbally and Clonbeg, not your years.
    I will explain...........
    The nearest graveyard to Duntryleague is in Galbally, I typed in Duntryleague and map and got the area, then changed the view to Arial, looked for a church with a graveyard.
    It's very hard to find graves in Ireland as there are a few sites with lists but don't have the facility to search by name or year.
    What I did notice in the site "Find a Grave" yes they do have millions, these are only listed when relatives upload the information.
    I do spend time in the day when we go to festivals searching for graves for people searching for their loved ones.
    I am starting to upload them into the sites but it takes a long time for them to reply so I can upload.
    We go to Ireland every year and not far from Duntryleague, so I will look in the area.


    Thursday 6th August 2020, 11:02AM
  • Hi Margot,

    Thank you so very much for this information.  Yes, I have also uploaded some grave info.  My big problem is the name of the cemeteries, since many don't have signs or like in the town of Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, they just call it the new cemetery because it's the new section across the road.

    I was in Ireland last October, but didn't know about this at that time.  Thank you very much for offering to look it up.  I hope you stay safe.

    Cathy Negrycz - Punta Gorda, FL -


    Thursday 6th August 2020, 05:38PM