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I have joined this parish site in the absence of Ahascragh parish having a live site. We have connections with Fohenagh in that my uncle Andrew Nolan lived and farmed in Fohenagh. He was married to Elizabeth Grady daughter of Thomas Grady. I have completed the family tree for the Nolan family with a few blanks which I hope you might be able to assist with.

My grandfather John Nolan was born in 1824 in Kilglass(part of Clonbrock Estate) and married twice. The first marriage  in 1850's was to a lady believed to be called Fahy. She died in 1859 giving birth to twins Mary and John. I cannot find any details on the first wife and wonder if you could unearth same. Likewise I do not have much detail on John's father also called John. The latter is mentioned as marrying a lady named Benneton/Bannerton who possibly came from a family of blacksmiths. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Anything you can turn up would be appreciated.

Regards, Gerald Nolan.


Wednesday 25th January 2012, 06:52PM

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  • Hello Gerald

    Many thanks for your genealogy message. Well done on your research already. I will try and source what information I can Re Bannertons and Fahys. I will forward your information to parish volunteers and see what information we receive.

    Will be in touch again.




    Paula Kennedy

    Thursday 26th January 2012, 04:00PM
  • Hi Paula,

    Many thanks for your message on 26 Jan. For assistance in my earlier message I should have mentioned that the second marriage of my grandfather John Nolan was to Bridget Reynolds daughter of John Reynolds and took place in Fohenagh Church on 4 February 1864. Any information on the Reynolds family would also be appreciated.

    Many thanks,



    Tuesday 31st January 2012, 05:35PM
  • I refer to my messages in January and wonder if you were able to come up with any information. In the meantime I located extracts from Irish Civil Reg. Marriage Index 1845-1958 for a Bridget Fahy, Ballinasloe and a Margaret Fahy, Ballinasloe both for 1859. They refer to film Nos 101251 and 101247 Vol. 4 and Vol 1. Would either of these relate to the wife of John Nolan ? She is believed to have died that year giving birth to twins Mary and John.Thank you for your help. 


    Tuesday 20th March 2012, 05:15PM
  • Hello Gerald

    I have forwarded your additional genealogy message to the parish volunteers. I do know they are still researching the Nolans.

    I will get back to you.


    Ireland Reaching Out

    Paula Kennedy

    Wednesday 21st March 2012, 03:21PM
  • Hi Paula, Just enquiring if volunteers have been able to find any information on my above ancestors since your last message.

    Are you aware of any Nolan diaspora coming next month? If you have any details on my grand mother Bridget Reynolds, Daughter of John Reynolds who married John Nolan in Fohenagh church on 4 Feb. 1864 it would be appreciated. I believe her mother may have been a Coughlan from Killimor


    Many thanks, Gerald Nolan


    Wednesday 30th May 2012, 08:48PM