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My great grandfather Terence O'Brien and his brother and sister (Morgan and Anne) were born in Aghnameadle around 1820.  All three of them married 3 Frost siblings of Drumline (Dromline) just outside of Newmarket-on-Fergus in County Clare.  Terence to Maria Frost, Morgan to Catherine Frost, and Anne to Solomon Frost.  Solomon and Anne settle in Rossmagher in County Clare.  Terence and Morgan with their families settled in Aghnameadle for a few years.  Their eldest children were born & baptized there (baptismal records have been found).  After 1849 the two families moved to County Clare where they settled near Drumline (Dromline). The two areas where they settled are called: killulla and Mogaalen, two adjoining pieces of property.  The rest of their children were born and baptized here.  (records have been found).  In 1862 the two families emigrated to North America and first ended up in Victoria B.C. Terence's wife Maria died on the ship just before landing in Victoria.  After working for the Hudson Bay Company the two families moved to Seattle in an area south from the city. The area today is known as the Kent Valley.  They started a small town called O'Brien. We have made contact with the descendants of Anne and Solomon Frost.  We hope to make contact with descendants of any other O'Brien family members that may still be in Aghnameadle, Toomevara area. Two clues that we have are 1) A William O'Brien of Fort William was a sponsor to Thomas in 1849, the son of Morgan and Catherine O'Brien  2) A Margaret O'Brien was one of the sponsors of Teresa in 1861, the daughter of Morgan and Catherine.  We wonder who this William O'Brien and Margaret O'Brien are?  Are they sibilings to Anne, Morgan, and Terence?  Any thoughts from people familiar with O'Briens living in this area would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.


Friday 6th July 2018, 02:42PM