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My 2xg grandmothe Mary O'Connell married Charles Boyle at Fermoy parish church in 1847.  Her father was Jeffry O'Connell a boot and shoemaker.

Does anyone know anything about the O'Connell family??


Wednesday 21st October 2020, 12:13PM

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  • Lynn,

    I'm afraid I don't know anything off-hand, but will make a few enquiries and will get back to you if I find anything.

    Best wishes, Kieran Jordan, Fermoy

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 30th December 2020, 12:03AM
  • Hi Kieran  Thank you, it would be lovely if you can manage to find out anything.  I think Mary was born around 1924.




    Wednesday 30th December 2020, 07:42PM
  • Lynn,

    See attached. It seems that Charles and Mary were married in the RC church and the Church of Ireland. As both of them were RC and CoI as the occasion required, I suspect there was a bit of 'fibbing' going on. It is likely that he was CoI and she was RC. As he was in the army you might find something further in army records of the 95th regiment of foot (he would have been stationed in Fermoy at the time). As her father was a tradesman, you may find something in the trade directories at this link:

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 13th February 2021, 12:27PM

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  • Hi Kieran 

    thank you for the info. I've searched the trade directories you suggested but have not been able to find Jeffry as a boot and shoemaker.

    I have been  sent a possible birth for Mary with a father Jeffry , I'm almost certain it is correct even though the year of birth  is out . I was also sent the marriage for Jeffry which ties in with the birth of Mary  I jus5 need to carry on searching until I can confirm it 100%  on Mary's marriage and the birth of some of he4 children her surname is O'Connell whereas the birth I've been sent is Connell 

    I'll carry on searching.  Thanks for your help




    Sunday 14th February 2021, 03:06PM