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O'Connors and Fitzpatricks from Murrough

I'm looking for info on my great grandfather's family.His name was Thomas O'Connor. His parents were Michael O'Connors and Honor Fitzpatrick. I was able to find the family on the 1901 census. They had 6 children -

Bridget born 1876

Mary b. 1879

Honora b. 1881

Patrick b. 1885

Thomas b. 1889

Michael b. 1896

Bridget moved to the USA (Boston area) prior to 1900.

Mary moved to Boston in 1903

Thomas moved to Boston in 1910

Patrick moved to Boston in 1911

Michael moved to Boston in 1913.

I also found all of their children's birth records and some baptism records. I found Michael and Honor's marriage record as well from 1876. It lists Michael's father as Pat Connors (herdsman) and Honora's father as Thos.(?)  Fitzpatrick. Michael died in 1902. 

in the 1911 census, I am only able to find the 2 sons Patrick O'Connor and Michael O'Connor and they are living next door to where they lived in 1901. They are living with their uncle, Michael Fitzpatrick & his family. So presumably, what happened to their mother Honor? She was only 49ish in 1902 when her husband died. I have been unable to find a death record for her. If her sons are living with their uncle, that must mean she died or left, right? I am also having trouble finding the other daughter Honora O'Connors. I was unable to find a marriage record for her in Ireland, I cannot find a record of her moving to Boston. Wouldnt it be most probably that she moved with her brothers and sisters to Boston and not somewhere else?

I did find a baptism record for Michael Fitzpatrick (Honor's brother) that seems like it would be her brother since the parents are listed in Murrough and they are Thomas Fitzpatrick and Bridget Donohoe in 1855. 

My great aunt seems to remember that one of the sisters stayed in Ireland. I'd love to find out what happened to the mother and sister since I havent found a death record.


Thursday 18th July 2019, 06:26PM

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  • Dear Khallock:

    Thank you for your post to the message board.


    I assume that this is the family that you are referring to in the 1901 Census:

    I did not see a death record for Michael O'Connor, but it is possible that Honour did die between 1901-1911, or that she possibly may have emigrated with one of her children.  

    Honour O'Connor, the daughter may also have emigrated.  Have you check the Clare Library website?  They have transcriptions for passengers and other resources that may assist you.  I will ask locally to see if any member of the family remained and if there are descendants in the area.  

    The Clare Library website is:

    You can also contact me directly at:


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 22nd July 2019, 04:32PM