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My O'Driscoll ancestors were born in Bridgetown and Poundlick (townland), Skibbereen. My great grandfather was Jeremiah Driscoll b 1836 Skibbereen and christened in St Patrick's Cathedral, Skibbereen. He had 10 siblings born between 1835 to 1855. Jeremiah and his sister Johannah migrated to Western Australia in 1869 and 1865 respectively. It appears that not all of Jeremiah's siblings survived the Great Famine. The one's that did (and are known) are Catherine (died Chapel Lane, Skibbereen C 1909), Michael (lived and died Cork City d 1906) and Patrick (died Chapel Lane, Skibbereen - with sister, Catherine) d 1914. Catherine and Patrick lived together in Chapel Lane. Patrick was the last sibling to died. Catherine was a spinster and Patrick a bachelor. Patrick is buried in Tullagh Cemetery near Baltimore. It appears that the parents to this family (farmers) were Timothy Driscoll (b c 1800) and Mary (Driscoll) Driscoll (b c 1813) and it is said they heralded from the townlands surrounding Loch Hyne, Baltimore. As a consequence it is thought that Patrick is buried in the family cemetery in Tullagh. I live in Collie, Western Australia and I was hoping someone may visit the cemetery and ascertain if they can locate Patrick's 1914 grave. Hopefully he is buried with other family members and it leads to the revelation of other names and dates of interred family members. Any help to locate any family connections would be much appreciated. Pinpointing a townland around Loch Hyne would also be wonderful. Hoping to hear from anyone, with any clue - big or small on my extended family.

Tom O'Driscoll


Tuesday 25th Jun 2019, 06:40AM

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  • Hi Tom,

    some bit of news for you on baptismal dates of family members of Tim & Mary Driscoll. Will follow up with sponsors names if you wish to have them, just let me know.

                                Reg. Ref.

    Jeremiah                3638        20/12/1836

    Julia                       3937        20/07/1837    Twin

    Bets (Elizabeth (?) 3937        20/07/1837     Twin

    Catherine               4941        22/12/1839

    Mary                      6194         07/08/1842

    Johanna                7343         01/01/1845

    Jane                      8497         13/06/1847

    Tim                        9199         28/03/1850

    Michael                 9753         19/09/1852

    Patrick                  10168        18/03/1855 


    Hope this is of use to you, have also checked for a marriage for Tim & Mary but unfortunately marriages in the Skibbereen / Rath parishes did not Parish begin until 1837.

    You can contact me through this website or through my personal email address,

    Frank Fahy




    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Sunday 8th Sep 2019, 01:51PM
  • Hi Tom,

    just as I was about to close down, I remembered an entry I had seen beside Michaels name in 1852, It was simply P.L. but it caused me to check the Register for the original entry 9753 and found the name Poundlick there. This is the Townland you are looking for and is located on the left hand side of the Baltimore Road and the left hand side of the road to Lough Ine also.

    Frank Fahy

    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Sunday 8th Sep 2019, 02:02PM
  • Hi Frank,

    I've only a few hours left before I leave home, on my way to the airport. I tried to contact you by email, but it doesn't seem to have arrived. Thank you for all your efforts, it is much appreciated.




    Monday 9th Sep 2019, 11:52PM

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