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William O'Hara (DOB unknown) married Mary Duffy sometime before 1865. ( Mary Duffy's parents were Mary Holmes and John Duffy.)

According the the baptism records of their children, they lived on Hill St. in Ballina. They then moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania in the 1880's and William seems to have disappeared at this time.

The last 2 children were born in Pennsylvania, but we do not find their birth records and no definitive records of father William can be found in the U.S. His wife Mary Duffy died in Pennsylvania in 1930.

Children are:

William O'Hara (born 1865 Kilmoremoy Parish). I have not been able to find out anything about William after his birth record. I assume he stayed behind in Ireland when the family moved to the USA.

Bridget O'Hara (born 1866). I have not been able to find out anything about Bridget after her birth record. I assume she stayed behind in Ireland when the family moved to the USA.

Margaret O'Hara (born 1871, died in Pennsylvania in 1933). Margaret married Michael Devine in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1890 and had 10 children: Joseph John (b.1891), Claire (b. 1892), Gerald (b. 1896), Stanley (b. 1899), Esther (b. 1905), Allan (b. 1907), Thelma (b. 1909), Andrew (b. 1909), Thomas (b. 1911), Donald (b. 1916).

Catherine O'Hara (born 1875, died in Pennsylvania in 1949). Married Peter James Maloney in 1891 in Scranton, Pennsylvania and had 13 children: Katherine (b. 1892), Mary (b. 1894), Beatrice (b. 1896), Helen (b. 1898), Irene (b. 1898), Florence (b.1903), Madeline (b. 1905), Peter James (b. 1907), Evelyn (b. 1909), Regina (b. 1911), John Martin (b. 1913), Joseph William (b. 1916), Rita (b. 1919).

Anne Catherine O'Hara (born 1875)

Martin O'Hara (born 1877)

Elizabeth O'Hara (born 1879)

Martin Joseph O'Hara (born 1881)

John O'Hara (.b 1886) married Florence Rhinevault in Pennsylvania. Had 6 children: Unnamed baby (1908 - 1908), Florence Celestine (b. 1909), Anna Ethylene (1910 - 1910), Joseph John (b. 1912), Sylvester J. (1913 - 1913), Helen (b. 1914). 

Mary Ann O'Hara (born 1888, died in Quebec in 1968). Married Fred Brown in New York City in 1913. Moved to Quebec City after her marriage and raised 12 children in Quebec: Helen (b. 1914), Robert (b. 1916), Vivian (b. 1918), Lois (b. 1919), Winnifred (b. 1921) , Paul (b. 1923), Elizabeth (b. 1925), Fred (b. 1926), Thomas (b. 1928) Margaret (B. 1929), Lorne (b. 1930), Jean (b. 1933). 


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