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My County Down ancestor migrated from Ireland in 1760 at age 12 to colonial America without parents and was bound to a Scot Irish family in Virginia.  We have located many distantly related cousins using advanced DNA testing which confirm our ancestors were O'Hares in Ireland, and we are also related to some Hares in Canada and O'Hares in the US from DNA studies. Our US family's surname was changed to O'Hair, and we have recorded over 6,000 O'Hair descendants from the original 12 year old boy that originally migrated to America.  Soon, we will be celebrating our 150th annual O'Hair Reunion.

We would like to confirm our relationship to other O'Hares from around the world  interested in completing DNA testing to to better connect with our anicent roots.  Like many Irish related familys, the destruction of records have significantly limited many here from gaining acces to their ancestors.  My recent research regarding the O'Hare family suggests we evolved between 950 to 1083 AD and not from surnames that genealogists like O'Hart have offered.  DNA results and DNA family projects are proving very helpful in providing insight to where we may have really evolved.  My O'Hair family researchers and I are interested in sharing O'Hare information with other interested O'Hares in an effort to provide insight to our ancient relatives.  We encourage all interested O'Hares to complete some advanced DNA testing beyond the many autosomal tests that is only accurate up to 4 or 5 generations.

Terry O'Hair


Monday 19th July 2021, 04:02PM

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  • My great great grandfather, John Gilmore, was born around 1833 to 1835 in Ireland to Catherine O'Hare and John Gilmore. He came to the United States in 1840 according to one US census. I'd love to find out where they were from in Ireland. Could this test help me?  Thanks for your help!


    Monday 9th August 2021, 04:38PM