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Hi, I would be most grateful for any help re the following ancestors.


I would dearly love to locate a  marriage record for  Thomas Oneill who married Sarah Weeks. I do know that all their children were born in Dublin. And that in 1876 Thomas Sarah and offspring with the exception of the older 3 children  came out to NewZealand. According to Thomas and Sarahs death certificates Thomas was born in 1824 and Sarah 1833 however I realise ages are often incorrect. On Sarahs death cert it stated that her Father was named Edward Weeks occupation Farmer no name entered for her Mother. On Thomas;s death cert it stated that his father was John Oneill occupation Farmer and funnily enough the Mothers name was Mary Farmer. I believe Sarah was a Protestant as this was entered on the baptism record for one of their children. All their children were baptised Catholics. Also on their passenger record beside Thomas's name was Wexford. Either they left from Wexford or he originated from Wexford. Thereagain perhaps Wexford was where Sarah hailed from. A mystery.


Kind regards  Genda


Tuesday 24th November 2020, 03:32AM

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  • Hello Glenda, a mystery indeed, anyway I found only one Sarah Jane Weeks born in 1833 plus or minus 5 years, she was born in Limerick to father Archibold Weeks of the 6th Dragoons and was baptised in the Church of Ireland (Anglican or Protestant) in St Johns Parish on the 3rd February,  could find no siblings. This does not meet your brief though.

    I could not locate the marraige and found one child baptised in Dublin at the Pro Cathedral, near the main street O'Connell Street in 1865, address was 6 Carisle Cottages. in the church record the name is spelled Neille, this is a free site and all civil records commenced in 1864, sign in under Church for the baptism, I notice the civil records gives No 9 Carisile Cottages, attached below, under the church records I searched under Weeks as it brings back the mothers name too for ease of finding and the spelling was Neille, on the civil record the addres appears to be in the south of the city on searching for it. I did not search for any more and got no more under weeks in the baptisms. The site is free and enter under Church or Civil and follow instructions and sign in, you can sign in as anybody it is a trust thing. 

    There is a Thomas Neil mother Mary Farmer born in 1831 in Mealagh, Parish is Windgap, Kilkenny, father is James, baptism is 24th July, there are also siblings to this marriage, Patrick 1823; Catherine 1825; Ellen 1827; Michael 1833; Mary 1829; this is the only Neill with a mother Mary Farmer, Kilkenny is adjacent to Wexford not beside it but close enough, also near Waterford, you can see the church records here, can only search by month and year and then read, records only commence in 1822 August I think.

    Remember that the records may not exist and that I only found was is online, other areas have records starting later so it is guess work and you need to find more information to be definite, remembering it will not be easy, 

    In Griffiths Valuation in 1853 circa there is only one Farmer family in Kilkenny and a few in Wexford, oddly the entries for Wexford are mainly for a Rev Hugh Farmer who is a landlord, there is also a Rev Henry Farmer also a landlord, in case it means anything to you. This is a major land survery that recorded owners and tenants only.





    St Peters Louth

    Wednesday 25th November 2020, 12:49AM

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  • Hi Pat, Thanks for your  prompt reply and the information you located. I don't know of course but suspect that you may have located my Thomas. While his age at death doesn't correspond with his birth I am aware  that ages for various reasons are not always correct. This is the difficult part with family research for some people who religiously are guided only by ages. Again thanks so much. Take care




    Wednesday 25th November 2020, 02:17AM