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I am researching my wife's ancestors. Her grandfather was Eugene O'Sullivan b 1872 @ Kilmeany (his siblings were William, Jeremiah, Patrick, Anne, Ellena (all older) and then his younger brother John) Their parents were William O'Sullivan and Johanna Dowde b 1843.   Eugene joined the RIC in Limerick and went on to marry Margaret McCoy from Glin at Castleconnel.   That is as far back as I can go but my wife has had several DNA matches to descendants of O'Sullivans (and Sullivans) from the same area.   In particular there have been several matches with ancestors back to  William Sullivan and Mary Nolan. Also ancestors that trace back (if research is correct) to Patrick Sullivan and Mary Walsh and Thomas P Sullivan and Mary Lyons. 

Sometime after Eugene's birth the family were evicted from Kilmeany because the landowner wanted someone else to have it. In order for this to happen it was arranged (the story goes) that William would be kept drinking so he would be late to pay his rent and therefore give an excuse/reason to evict.   The police officer on duty at that time remembered the incident and when Eugene went to join RIC was offerred the opportunity to be stationed wherever he wanted as he, the office,r thought it unfair how the family were treated.

We know that the info re Eugene is correct as a lot of his RIC paperwork was kept by his daughter Elizabeth  after his death and we now have it.  And I guess you can't argue with the DNA matches.   The question is how do those matches tie in with Eugene's family?  Obviously related but how?

Any help would be greatly appreciated






Friday 4th June 2021, 11:55AM

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  • Bob:

    Kilmeany townland is in the civil parish of Knockanure and the related RC parish is Moyvane. The civil parish of Knockanure is just to the east of the civil parish of Listowel. The records for Moyvane RC parish start in 1855

    I checked the free site which has Co. Kerry church records and that site has the seven baptismal records for the children. The marriage between William and Johanna was on February 5 1863 in Listowel which would have been Johanna's parish. The records for Listowel start early but there are a number of gaps. Essentially there are no baptismal records from 1833-1856 except for 1837 and five months in 1838 and two months in 1841.  Likely Johanna was baptized in the gap period and a record is not available.

    As I mentioned the marriages was in 1863 which again is unfortunate since civil registration started in 1864 and civil records show the names of the fathers of the bride and groom. Also since Moyvane records start in 1855, a baptismal record for William would not exist. 

    I also looked at the 1852 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Knockanure civil parish and there was no Sullivan or O'Sullivan in Kilmeany townland. Maybe Williams' father was a labourer and not captured in the Griffiths.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th June 2021, 02:37PM
  • Bob:

    I went back and searched the 1824 Tithe listings and there was an entry for a widow Sullivan in Kilmeany townland. She was leasing 165 acres of land but only 44 acres were arable. Not sure how the widow Sullivan relates to William but I thought I would share the record.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th June 2021, 02:42PM
  • Roger

    Thanks for your advice/information - I have looked at these sites before and gleamed the same info. Your info re the gaps in records and civil registration start date would also explain why I am having difficulty linking the DNA lines with my wife's.

    Thanks again and fingers crossed I'll get lucky




    Saturday 5th June 2021, 09:58PM