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My grandfather, John Joseph Mulkerin, and his sister Jane (both born in the US to Irish immigrant parents), lived in Killina or Killiney, Kinvara with their grandmother, Bridget Donohue O'Dea, and their uncle, Owen O'Dea, starting about 1900.  Jane went back to the US in 1909; when the grandmother died in 1912, John and his uncle Owen went to the US too.  Owen was a "bootmaker", as was his father, John O'Dea.  We have heard that the land where the house used to stand was at one time referred to as "Owen's Field".  I wonder if anyone in that area has heard of that location or can locate it on a map?  I have always wondered what the exact location looked like. I also wonder where my gg grandparents, John O'Dea and Bridget Donohue O'Dea, are buried.  

Barbara Anne

Wednesday 15th September 2021, 11:47PM

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  • Hi Barbara Anne,

    Regarding the name "Owen's Field" I have not found any record in the area of Kinvarra. Names such as this were normally local and apparently came from the owner - Owen O'Dea. I did not find any person named O'Dea in the Tithe Records for Kilenhy East or West in 1826

    I attach a copy of the 1901 Irish census for Killinny East. Bridget O'Dea is recorded as "Head of House". In Form B1 attached she is not recorded as the Land Owner.

    In regard to burials - there are 9 cemeteries recorded in the parish. Mount Cross Old is a possibility.  Mount Cross New is from 1948.

    The following Free Sites may be of interest to you: - Land Valuation - Griffith's - 1840's/50's - Civil records are from January 1st 1864. Townland maps -




    Thursday 16th September 2021, 10:22AM

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  • Thanks so much for your reply, it's truly appreciated!

    Barbara Anne

    Thursday 16th September 2021, 05:18PM