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Parish Dunmore, townland Darrery

My great-great-great-grandparents Thomas Higgins and Honor Connolly appear in the parish records for Dunmore, in the baptisms of two of their children, Mary (1834) and Celia (1836). The priest recorded a townland name only on the 1836 baptism: Darrery. Looking at lists of townland names for Dunmore, I can see a Darrary North and a Darrary South. Can anyone tell me if this is the location the priest called "Darrery", and what is the history of the name? Was it always split into North and South?

The baptismal records for the parish of Dunmore on NLI only begin in 1833, so I don't have records for any children born before that date, including their son Patrick, my ancestor. Are there any other sources that I can check?

Thomas Higgins died between 1836 and 1839, too early for Griffiths. His widow remarried in 1839, to a man named Patrick Kelley. Honor had three more children with her new husband in Dunmore in the 1840s. Before 1852  the family moved to England, to the Manchester area, and then to the US in the 1850s and 1860s. I can track them pretty well, but (of course) it's the lack of earlier records in Ireland that is my problem.  I'd appreciate any suggestions on where else to look for births before 1833  and deaths between 1836 and 1839. Thank you.


Tuesday 13th August 2019, 07:13PM

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  • Hi,

    I'm afraid there will be nowhere else you can look for records.

    Parish registers are the only source of baptism records in the early part of the 19th century. And if the parish registers do not exist then, unfortunately, that is the end of the line.

    I did check Roots Ireland (subscription site) for a baptism record for Patrick but did not find one. Roots Ireland has records not available on other databases and sometimes you can be lucky.

    I also checked there for a marriage record for Thomas and Honor, again, no luck.

    Very few parishes recorded deaths. It was not until 1864, when civil registration was introduced, that death records became the norm, so again, you will not find a record of Thomas Higgins's death.

    Regarding the entry in the registers for Darrery. There would seem little doubt that the priest meant Darrary, whether North or South is of little difference to the priest, the two townlands border each other.

    Here is a link with a map so you can see the location of both.


    Saturday 17th August 2019, 01:26PM