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A parish named Saint Eligius

My grandfather, Daniel F. Hannon, whose family lived on Tierboy Street in Tuam, told his children that he had belonged to St. Eligius parish. He was born in 1867 of Nicholas Hannon and Catherine Manning, the youngest of 14 boys. I cannot find a parish by that name anywhere in Ireland. Has anyone ever heard of it? I would appreciate any information. Certainly, if anyone has knowledge of the Hannon Family from Tierboy Street or Their relatives, also Hannon from Cloontoa Road, I would love to hear from you. 


Sunday 1st September 2019, 07:40PM

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  • Based on his birth registration Daniel was born 31st October 1867 at Tirboy Road, Tuam, Co. Galway, he was a twin  - brother's name James. They were probably baptised in Tuam - the baptism registers for 1867 appear complete, might be worth a look through to see if they show up...

    There was a St. Eligius - who seems born and died in France, not sure if he had any association with Tuam.

    p.s. Daniel's parents married in Tuam RC parish 2nd [?] September 1850 - see Tuam Marriages 1850 (right hand page)



    Sunday 1st September 2019, 08:54PM
  • Hi

    Possibility may be referring to the parish of Kilbannon which owes its name to St. Benen, or Benignus, signifying the Church of Benen.


    Gerard, IrelandXO Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Tuesday 10th September 2019, 06:09PM