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Hi there. I am currently in pursuit of two (2) Family trees.    One tree is my side of the family and the other tree is my wife’s side.   Firstly, I would like to concentrate on my wife’s side.

My wife’s maiden name is Dick.    I have discovered that her 3rd Great Grandparents were William Dick (1795 – 1849) and Esther Taylor (1791 - 1865).  The only information I know of is that they were born / baptised in County Tyrone in Ireland with their 6 children, James 19, Robert 15, Martha 12, Eliza 10, Sarah Jane 8, Thomas 4, (2nd GGF), and they all boarded the “Royal Saxon” from Liverpool, England and departed on 29th September 1834 arriving on 2nd February 1835 at Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I have found details that William and Esther Taylor were married approximately around sometime in 1821 in County Tyrone, but I do not know what Parish they come from.    For what intrigues me, is the fact that William’s parents hail from Fife, Scotland (John Dick & Janet Ramsey) and I would not have a clue of where to look in the Parishes in County of Tyrone.

I would appreciate any information you can find regarding my wife’s Ancestors.

Thank you and Regards

Colin Morrissey.

Colin Morrissey

Friday 8th October 2021, 10:07AM

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    Sunday 10th October 2021, 08:31PM
  • Hello Colin,

    I see you seem to be researching the name Dick, Well I am trying to help someone in Canada who is also researching the name Dick,

    Did you notice that the message 3 or 4 messages up from yours was from someone by the name of Dick?

    I am at    if you want to get back to me.

    From Robert. 

    Robert Watt, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 18th October 2021, 10:46PM