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Irish workers to New Brunswick Canada

14-Jan-22 15:16
Ireland XO Community 5 thanks for your interest Pat! I am
by Earl Ward 22-Jan-22 0:18

McDermott from Derry

14-Jan-22 11:16
Ireland XO Community, Derry 3 Sorry...the 1820s George would not
by Patricia 15-Jan-22 1:03


14-Jan-22 0:40
Ireland XO Community 1

George Evans 1803

14-Jan-22 0:21
Ireland XO Community, Longford 2 Kevin,
by McCoy 14-Jan-22 10:15

Thomas Fallahee (Fallihee)

13-Jan-22 23:25
Ireland XO Community, Kilcolman (Limerick), Limerick 5 Roger McDonnell
by Ellen Lesh 15-Jan-22 22:09

Gayton/Geiton/Guiton/Geyton/Guyton from Co Tipperary

13-Jan-22 22:03
Ireland XO Community, Killenaule (Tipperary), St Marys, Clonmel (Tipperary), Tipperary 2 The attached baptism record *could*
by KyleGaytonWelch 13-Jan-22 22:31

Thomas Mulvey

13-Jan-22 17:30
Ireland XO Community, Roscommon 5 Hi Arlene,
by Patricia 15-Jan-22 15:06

Looking for Patrick Russell FamilyGreetings

13-Jan-22 17:28
Ireland XO Community, Templemore (Tipperary), Tipperary 7 Mary Ann:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 18-Jan-22 14:41

John O'Farrell/Farrell and Mary Darcy

13-Jan-22 11:07
Ireland XO Community 4 Thanks for your help Roger I really
by maireadmjv 14-Jan-22 6:14

Daniel Mulholland - Son of Andrew and Matilda Mulholland DOB between 1845 and 1855

13-Jan-22 2:08
Ireland XO Community 4 Looking at the Valuation Revision
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 13-Jan-22 17:19