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Robinson, George, cooper,(occupation) Templemore, L;ondonderry (?-?) and Robinson nee McCombe (?-?) and family??

13-Jan-22 0:01
Ireland XO Community, Derry 17 Elwyn,
by timoteo 21-Jan-22 5:24

Felix McCann

12-Jan-22 23:31
Ireland XO Community 3 Perhaps someone at Cavan Heritage
by Patricia 13-Jan-22 0:31

James McCallister/Mary McGloughlin

12-Jan-22 22:50
Ireland XO Community 2 Good morning
by Bernadette Walsh, IrelandXO Partner 13-Jan-22 10:43

James McCallister/Mary McGloughlin

12-Jan-22 22:50
Ireland XO Community 3 Patricia,
by Mccwife 13-Jan-22 21:38

Lawler siblings John & Margaret to USA in 1869

12-Jan-22 17:25
Ireland XO Community 3 Thank you, Roger. I don't think
by Robyn Hickey 13-Jan-22 15:00

William and Ellen O'Brien Family Inquiry

12-Jan-22 13:31
Ireland XO Community, Waterford 5 I forgot to mention that there was
by Mary Rodowicz 15-Jan-22 15:16

Joseph Monaghan

12-Jan-22 11:07
Martry (Meath), Meath 8 Hi again, Brian,
by Patricia 15-Jan-22 15:19

Power/Walsh/Leahy/Sinnott family from Callan

12-Jan-22 11:05
Ireland XO Community, Callan (Kilkenny) 3 You are very kind Roger. Thank you
by Jackie Leahy 15-Jan-22 17:58


12-Jan-22 3:43
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 6 Hi Roger. Thank you for that
by John D 14-Jan-22 14:50

Thomas Kelly

12-Jan-22 2:14
Ireland XO Community, Galway 2 Sean:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 12-Jan-22 14:44