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Patrick Higgins, Father of Thomas Higgins, Father of John Higgins. Dowling or McPartlin Family Raheelin. Boyle, Roscommon, Mohill, ManorHamilton

Desperately seeking help please!


Thomas Higgins married Katie Kerr on the 5th of June 1924. In Boyle, County Roscommon. It says on the Marriage certificate, Thomas was a soldier and his Dad, Patrick, was present at the marriage. Thomas,(of Mohill) and Katie had a son, John Higgins. He was born in the hospital of Manor Hamilton on the 20th of January 1927. Both parents are on the birth certificate. By the 19th of December 1927, Kate re-married, to John Courtney, in Mohill. By then, the baby, (John) was not with her and she was now classed as a widow. (Baby) John is my Grandfather and has never known anything of his parents, or the circumstances of his birth. Kate and John Courtney had children, but never came back for Baby John.

We have heard many stories over the years about who and where Baby John grew up. The family name Dowling came up and at some point he grew up with twin boys, who he regarded as his brothers, Paddy and Joe McPartlin. We believe their real names were Patrick Genard and Eugene Joseph McPartlin. They were from Raheelin, Kiltyclogher, County Leitrim. At some point Paddy (Patrick) moved to England and he passed away in the hot summer of 1976. My Grandad, (Baby John) went to him and stayed with him until he passed.

We have researched endlessly on Ancestry and as many Irish records as we can, other than a McPartlin family on the 1911 census, we've had no luck. If anyone may know anything about the family at that time or any information at all, I would be so grateful.

If anyone can help me figure out how to find this Thomas Higgins, it would be amazing. He seems to vanish. We do not have his age, a birth record, or a death record. If it wasn't for his dad's signature, I would think he was made-up! Also, it says Kate was 'full' age on the marriage certificate, but we've heard tales of her being very young. Also, rumours that Thomas may have been shot. Again, absolutely nothing to confirm this, just hear-say.  Thank you so much. Nikki, and family xx




Friday 8th November 2019, 10:22PM

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  • Just watched a programme about Ant and Dec. One of them is McPartlin from Raheelin, Kiltyclogher, County Leitrim. Might be of help. Sad story. Good luck





    Monday 11th November 2019, 01:27AM
  • Thank you lovely, there was certainly a lot of Mcpartlin families in Drumkeeran!
    I have no idea how to contact anyone from the program. I have written to their management group and their Facebook page, but I'm not holding out too much hope from that. Thank you so much for your reply. It's nice to be heard. xx


    Monday 11th November 2019, 09:34PM