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I am hoping to find the birthplace of my great great grandfather, Patrick Kelly, who was born about 1830 and died in Romsey, Victoria on 6 March 1911. His father was Michael Kelly. His mother was either Winifred Kennedy or Winifred Ryan. Kennedy comes from his daughter's recollection of details told to her by her mother. Ryan comes from the informant on Patrick's death certificate, but I don't yet know who this was yet. Her surname is definitely one of the two. Patrick's granddaughter married a third cousin, whose relatives at this generation were Kennedy and Ryan. It is possible the informant just assumed the surname was Ryan based on the granddaughter's husband's surname.
Michael was from Menagha, Templederry. Winifred was from Nenagh. They had John born about 1828, at Menagha (?) and Hugh born 1836, who may have died at Nenagh in 1913. I don't know anything about John except that he too went to Victoria, Australia and is believed to have died there. Hugh married Margaret Ryan (abt 1840-abt 1870), their children were Winifred (1856), Honora (1859-?), Bridget (1861-1933), Michael (1864-1957), Elizabeth Mary (1865-1904), Elena (1866-1871) and Ellen (1871- .). 

I'd appreciate any information on any of the above. Thank you




Monday 24th Jan 2022, 12:31AM

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