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I am looking for any clues to the life of my g-g grandfather Patrick Quinlivan (b abt 1818) and his wife Margaret O'Brien (b 1832) who were married possibly 4 April 1852 in Doonas (is that a parish?)

They were Catholic. Patrick was born possibly in Bridgetown and Margaret in Doonas, possibly.

They were both in Australia by 1854 for the birth of their first child in 1855.

Patrick's parents were not known to me although the father's name may have been Edward,while Margaret's parents were Patrick O'Brien and Margaret Hickey.

Patrick may have had a brother named Daniel.

Patrick Quinlivan - Facts (  Ancestry: Quinlivan Family tree

Any insights would be most appreciated.

Peter Quinlivan

Melbourne Australia

Peter Quinlivan

Friday 17th September 2021, 02:57AM

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  • Hello Peter!

    Can you advise where you found the marriage date of April 4 1852? The RC parish is known as Clonlara/Truagh Doonass. Here is a link to the modern day parish

    The reason I ask about the date is that marriages normally did not occur during Lent and the date for Easter in 1852 was April 11th and in 1851 it was April 20th. In 1853 Easter was on March 27 so an April 4th marriage was possible that year.

    However, when you look at the parish register for the marriages in 1853 the records jump from February 8 1853 to November 24 1853. In between the marriage records, there is a certification of a marriage ironically by a Rev. Patrick Quinlivan. It was hard to read because it was microfilmed sideways.

    Let me know what evidence you have about the April 4th 1852 marriage. Perhaps, the next step is to for you to contact the parish to see if there are any additional records in 1853.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 17th September 2021, 04:23PM
  • Hello Roger.......greetings from Melbourne,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Thanks too for the info re the RC parish name Clonlara/Truagh Doonass.

    The marriage date of April 4 1852 was one supplied by Patrick Quinlivan when he was the informant for the death certificate of one of his sons. It was precise, but on earlier ocassions when he was the informant he had said 1853. That is, he varied and only gave an exact date when he was an older man. Bit dubious, eh?

    Being aware of the dates of Lent in 1852.... that's impressive.

    Thanks for the link to the register...... Rev patrick Quinlivan sideways. I see it.

    Thanks again.


    Peter Quinlivan

    Sunday 19th September 2021, 11:01PM
  • Hi Peter:

     Thank you for your message board post to the IrelandXO website.  One of the volunteers, Jeff had transcribed the Killaloe parish registers (both baptismal and marriage) and many of the entries were of families in O'Briensbridge, so Killaloe is definitely worth checking for this family.  In addition, there is a gentleman who may be able to help you as he is a volunteer in the area, with a lot of local knowledge.  If you email me at:, I will pass on his details to you.  

    All the best,  


    Tulla Clare

    Thursday 23rd September 2021, 06:20AM