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Patrick roots in Ireland

Hello everyone:

My earliest known ancestors in my father's line were Samuel Patrick and Margaret Connor (or Conner) Patrick, both born in Ireland c. 1798-1800. They immigrated to Philadelphia sometime in the early part of the 19th century. By 1822, they were married and had their first daughter, Mary.

That is about all I know about them. Dad always said we were Scots-Irish, so the Patricks may have arrived in Ireland from Scotland.

I haven't found a single clue about them in Ireland, and don't really know where to look. I've checked passenger lists - nada. It appears that Patrick isn't all that common a last name, either in Ireland or Scotland.

I'd be happy for any advice anyone might be able to offer.


Monday 11th February 2019, 02:48AM

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  • There are 75 Margaret Connor birth/baptism records from lots of different counties on 1799 + - 5 years but no Samuel Patricks.

    There are 20 Patrick records for the above years from 11 counties. Do you think they came from the same county?

    Do you happen to know their religion?

    Also, do you know the names of their children in birth order? IF they followed the Irish naming pattern the children's names will give clues to Sam & Marg's parents' names.



    Monday 11th February 2019, 04:17AM
  • Hi Col -


    I do know their children's names, in birth order: Mary, Joseph, John, Samuel, Elizabeth, William.

    I believe they were Presbyterian. For sure not Catholic.

    I have no idea what county they came from, or even if they knew each other before getting to Philly. They could have come with parents or siblings when young, or they could have married in Ireland and then come over.

    Thanks for the info - I'll check those records and see if anything jumps out at me.

    Also, they established their own paperhanging company once in Philadelphia, in case that provides any Ireland clues.


    Monday 11th February 2019, 02:06PM
  • The birth order looks promising as the third son is Samuel & in the Irish naming pattern the third son was named after the father so I had a look for Samuel with parents Joseph & Elizabeth, & for Margaret with parents John & Mary

    The earliest record of any Patrick birth/baptisms with above parents is 1830's I'm afraid!

    This was the closest for Mary; I expanded the years to 1799 + - 10 and got more but all are RC!!

    Name:Margaret ConnorDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:02-Jun-1794Address:BrayParish/District:KINGSTOWNGender:FemaleCountyCo. Dublin
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:John ConnorMother:MaryOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Martha Scully 

    PRONI has a Will Calendar Index; I searched for Patrick in all counties and there are quite a few but all relatively recent!

    The Tithe Applotments 1823-37 does not have any Patricks in any county

    The earliest available Irish Census is 1821 - no Patricks but 1831 has 8 all in Londonderry (free at

    There are none in 1841 but 1851 has 12 - all in Antrim. It might be an idea for you to have a look at the 1821 & 51 Patricks to see if any first names look possible and to also check for Connors (which I didn't)




    Tuesday 12th February 2019, 03:41AM