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Patrick Sheehan and Honora Fox are my 2nd Great Grandparents.  I believe Patrick was born in Annakissy (Cloyne) Cork on 14 March 1843 to Cors Sheehan and Mary Keefe and died 3 Aug 1901 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts.  Although Honora was born in Milltown, Charlotte, New Brunswick Canada on 19 January 1843, her father, James Fox, was born in 1810 in Ballyclough, Cork and died in Salem, Essex, MA on 26 December 1868.  Her mother's maiden name was Johanna Duane, who was born 6 April 1814 in Ireland but died in Salem, Essex, MA 18 May 1872.  It appears that Honora's parents immigrated first to Canada then to the US (as they died there) while Patrick's parents remained in Ireland as Mary Keefe Sheehan died in Cork.  (I have no information about when and where Cors died.) I'm not sure exactly when Patrick immigrated to the US but he married Honora in Salem MA on 27 April 1868.

I am decended from the above in this way:

  • Honora Fox 1843-1888  Married to Patrick Sheehan (1843-1901)

2nd great-grandmother

  • Helen "Nellie" Agnes Sheehan 1874-1943  Married to Asa Collins Waitt

Daughter of Honora Fox & Patrick Sheehan

  • Fred Arthur Waitt 1893-1962  Married to Sophia Klinchi Miller

Son of Helen "Nellie" Agnes Sheehan & Asa Collins Waitt

  • Honnor Muriel Waitt 1922-1965  Married to Robert Dixon Wiley

Daughter of Fred Arthur Waitt & Sophia Klinchi Miller

  • Suzanne Delier Wiley Young (myself)

Daughter of Honnor Muriel Waitt & Robert Dixon Wiley

    Any additional information about the Sheehan, Fox, Keefe or Duane families would be most appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Sue Wiley Young

    Tuesday 29th December 2020, 09:26PM

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    • Hi Sue

      I am not connected with your family but I am connected with some Fox families - from Glenroe, Co Limerick area- as distant cousins. I was struck by your "Duane" name. My 2X great-grandmother was Bridget Quane. I have sometimes seen the name transcribed as Duane- I think because of the way the Q is written. I wondered whether this could be the case in your family?



      Thursday 31st December 2020, 06:11PM
    • Hi Margaret,

      I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your post.  You may be onto something as my Duane's might have a Limerick connection. My 4th GGF Thomas Duane (the last Duane I have info on) may have married one Anna Danagher in Fedamore, Limerick, Ireland in Feb. 1819 according to the Irish, Catholic Registers 1615-1915.  Here's my connection to Thomas:

      Thomas Duane (? - ?)

      Johanna Duane 1814-1872
      Daughter of Thomas Duane & Anna Danagher


      Honora Fox 1843-1888
      Daughter of Johanna Duane & James Fox


      Helen "Nellie" Agnes Sheehan 1874-1943
      Daughter of Honora Fox & Patrick Sheehan


      Fred Arthur Waitt 1893-1962
      Son of Helen "Nellie" Agnes Sheehan & Asa Collins Waitt


      Honnor Muriel Waitt 1922-1965
      Daughter of Fred Arthur Waitt & Sophia Klinchi Miller


      Suzanne Delier Wiley

      ME - Daughter of Honnor Waitt & Robert Dixon Wiley


      Other then online sources, this lineage prior to Johanna Duane hasn't been proven.  If the Limerick connection is correct, then a question arises as Johanna's birth year of 1814 is five years BEFORE Thomas & Anna's marriage in 1819.  I've seen other records which states Johanna's mother's maiden name is Daley, not Danagher, but again, those are online sources such as Find a Grave. So, we may be related but I'm not sure.  Have you done any DNA testing, specifically the mtDNA which follows the maternal line?  I have and my haplogroup is H13ald. 


      If this is helpful, let's continue the conversation.



      Sue Wiley Young

      Saturday 6th February 2021, 01:57PM
    • Hi Sue

      I wasn't meaning to suggest we would be related, just that possibly the name could also be written as Quane. I haven't had my maternal DNA tested- just my autosomal  DNA with Ancestry. My Quane family was in Ballylanders Parish, Co Limerick, where unfortunately the parish records began quite late- in the 1840s. My 2Xgrt-grandmother was Bridget Quane, and she had a sister Honora Quane (1824-1887) who married Owen O'Donnell of neighbouring Tully in Glenroe Parish. Honora's daughter Mary Teresa O'Donnell married John Howard. There are Fox connections from that in my DNA matches. I have been told that Bridget and Honora's parents were Patrick Quane and Mary Hayes but don't have proof of that.

      I'm sorry I don't know any more, and my suggestion might not even apply to your family, but I have seen one of our Quane entries transcribed as Duane which is what made me wonder.

      Margaret Riordan


      Saturday 6th February 2021, 10:33PM