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Patrick Wade/Mary Cantell

I am trying to find the parish of my second great grandfather Patrick (Pat) Wade who was born in 1840,no birthdate available.  I located on a Patrick Wade who was baptized on 23 Feb 1840.  It was a Roman Catholic baptisim which would be correct for the family.  I do not know anything about his family.  He married Mary Cantell.  I do not know her origin either.  They emigrated to New York City in 1960-1862,  They had a son named Laurance Cantell in 1863 in New York City.  They had a daughter named Kathryn in 1865 in Decatur, lllinois, USA.  I provide these names because I know there was a typical naming conventon for children and these may help locate parents.

I would like verification that my Patrick Wade was indeed the Patrick Wade born and baptised in Abbeyknockmoy.  If so, I would like his birthdate and to know if he was marred to Mary Cantell there.  Also how do  get a copy of the birth certificate and if married there, the marriage certificate?

Thank you so much for any assisstance you can provide.

Susanne Behrens

Sue Behrens

Saturday 12th September 2020, 06:38PM

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  • Hi Sue

    Welcome to IrelandXO

    Cantell is not a Surname associated with Abbeyknockmoy. The closest would be Costell / Costello, with the names Laurence and Catherine often used,

    Did the 1840 birth record have a address / townland detail.



    Monday 14th September 2020, 08:54PM
  • Hi, Gerard.

    Thank you for you quick reply.

    The Church baptism record I have from only indicates the parish as Abbeyknockmoy and the County as Galway.  There is no other informaton about location.  It lists the parents as Thomas Wade and Mary McHugh.  I do not have any way to confirm that information.

    Mary Cantell may not have lived in the same parish as Patrick.  I know her last name is Cantell because it is the middle name of their son.  However, possibly it was written as Cantrell in Ireland.  I have seen that name in my researching.  However, I cannot imagine her changing it when she named her son if the purpose was to honor and continue her family surname, as the custom was.

    I am sorry I do not have more information to provide.  These pieces are all part of the puzzle of tracing my genealogy.

    Thank you, Sue

    P.S. I have enclosed a picture of the gravestone here in Union Cemetery, Tillatoba, Mississippi, USA.  I admire their bravery to come to country so far from Ireland.  They landed in New York City, stayed for two years or so, went to Illnois (I have not determned why yet for a year) and then go to Mississippi to be farmers for the rest of their lives. Again, trying to put together the puzzle of their lives.

    Wednesday 16th September 2020, 03:51AM

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