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Peter and Alice Good; Francis Good; William Good; Samuel Attridge Good.

My 3 x great grandparents Peter & Alice Good immigrated to Tasmania, Australia in 1837.

Very little is known about our Good family in Ireland and all help / information will be gratefully received.

I have found that Peter Good married Alice Good in 1833 at Aghabullog, Cork: reference - Irish Newspaper Transcript Archive, Ffolliott Collection 1756-1850 - Alice Good & Peter Good 11 Jun 1833 Log.  There first child William was born in 1834 & their dau Mary in 1837.

Peter and Alice are likely to have been cousins.

Based on letters written from Samuel Attridge Good, maths master at Pembroke Docks to his brother Peter Good in Tasmania I have ascertained that their father's name was William (marriage of SA Good in 1849 - William is recorded here as being an officer and customs clerk).  The letters also mention a sister Kate, who in 1855-6 was a governess in Sligo; and a Frank Good who was governor / superintendant of Smithfield Prison in Dublin.  

Francis (Frank) Good b. 1791 is likely be a cousin or brother of William Good b. 1785. According to other research; Frank is brother of Peter Good b. 1788, who married Mary Perrott in 1811 at St Fin Barres, Cork. This Peter Good was a businessman / ship builder in Dublin. Frank Good married Ann Perrott in 1828 in Kilbrogen.

I have since found marriage for a Will Good and Mary Attridge in 1809 at St Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork; and also baptisms there for Peter Good in 1809 & Samuel in 1813. 

In 1854, Alice Good applied for immigration bounty ticket for a "relation" to come to Australia. James Good, his wife Mary Ann Saunders and their 4 children arrived in Tasmania 1855. James's occupation is recorded as under land steward. I am not sure of the relationship here, whether he is a brother of Alice or Peter or maybe another cousin.

There are so many Good families in Cork. Possible parish for my family is Macroom? They are all well educated.

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Regards, Maree in Tasmania.



Maree Da Costa

Friday 16th October 2020, 01:16AM

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  • Dear Maree, 

    My mother-in-laws maiden name was Good so I have done a little research into the family. Underneath is a little bit of the history of the Goods of West Cork which I received from a friend,  a link to Killowen graveyard where many of the Clan are buried and  a link to two other websites. many of the Goods in this are were farmers, bakers, shopkeepers vintiners or all three. The only common christian name to be found in your family and that of my mothere in-law is William so it is unlikely that they are connected.  Most of the Goods are now to be found within a 30 mile radius of Ballineen. 

    Hope this is of some help to you. 


    Denis Shanahan

    Underneath is the story of how the Gods arrived in West 

    Thomas Good b. 1583 married Mary Tirrcell

    He left Redmarley D’Abitot, Worcestershire in 1634(or 1630) Was Sherriff of Worcester. He was fined £30 by Charles 1st for refusing a Knighthood and went to Bandon Co.Cork. “This action drove Good and all his relatives into the ranks of those who sympathised with Cromwell, with whom some came over to Ireland.”

    One of the Goods,William, settled in Co. Cork at a place called Killowen near Bandon, receiving as his settlement the Ploughland of Mawmore. One of his sons William married Sarah Hosford and settled at a place called Kilbarry about 10 miles due north of Bandon.

    (was Sarah Hosford or Bradfield? – not sure )

    Sarah, wife of Wm. Of Kilbarry, buried in Murragh graveyard with her grandson Wm. Aged 3years,, eldest son of Richard Good of Aherlow, Aherla.

    Wording on the headstone;-

    Sacred to the memory of Sarah, dearly loved wife of Mr. Wm. Good of Kilbarry who departed this life 21st October of 1838 in the 68th of her age.

    William beloved eldest son of Richard Good of Aherlow departed this life 4th may 1833 aged 3 years.

    If you google “Thomas Good Redamrley  Worcester” you should come upon a site  “Virginia cousins” which will support some of the above.

    When speaking to Teresa Mrs. Giles said that the above Thomas Good had 7 sons who came to Ireland with him. They settled in the Ballineen area and all Goods in the region are descended from those seven. Also buried in Murragh are the Goods of Kilvurra and Tullyglass. The earliest recorded deaths are:

    John Good,of Tullyglass, who died on 24th May 1801 aged 91 years,

    James Good who died 2oth September 1799 aged 88years

    William Good who died  27th February 1767 aged 19 years.

    Killowen  Graveyard on main road between Bandon and Murragh.



    Myross Cork

    Thursday 29th October 2020, 05:56PM