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Peter Breslin from Killybegs, Donegal, Grandfather of Rev. Frank Breslin SSJ

I have just spent an hour typing in all the information and URLs to create a profile for Peter Breslin but it won't let me save claiming that "the date of birth seems to be invalid". I have only an approximate year for the date of birth-1834. I checked the "circa" box. It won't accept it. Even if I completely eliminate the date of birth it still won't accept it. Even if I make up a false DOB, it won't accept it. 

So, until I can figure out why, I give up. 

Here is the short, short version...

Peter Breslin was born abt 1834 - died 6 May 1871 in Killybegs, Donegal, Ireland. When Peter was about 5 years old, he emigrated from Inver Parish with his mother & sister, to Quebec, Canada. Married Margaret Revil 1 Oct 1861 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. They had two children, Martin F. & Winifred Mary. Martin had one son (Peter Breslin's gradson) Rev. Frank Breslin SSJ who kept in contact with the Killybegs Breslins and also some Derry Breslins until his death in 1977.Peter Breslin is buried in St Patrick's Church Cemetery - no marker.  Mary Fee Spacher


Friday 13th October 2017, 05:42PM

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  • Mary:

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    Sorry you had difficulties with our web site when you tried to update a story on Peter brelsin. I will alert our HQ staff person who is responsible for the web site about your problems. Likely, she will get back to you on Monday.

    Roger McDonnell

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    Friday 13th October 2017, 06:44PM