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Does anyone know anything about the families of this couple, and whether they living descendants in t?e parish, and Muckloonmodderee in partiicular? They were married in Terryglass in February 1841, with sponsors Mary Hogan and Edmund Hogan, who was later a well-known priest in Manchester.

Keith Roscoe

Wednesday 18th November 2020, 06:34PM

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  • Hi,
    Was Edmund Hogan born about 1828?


    Thursday 19th November 2020, 11:13AM
  • Hi Margot

    According to his obituary, Fr. Edmund Hogan was born in 1812 (age 54 in 1866).





    Keith Roscoe

    Friday 20th November 2020, 01:13AM

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  • Hi Keith,

    Patrick Baptised 5th December 1841
    Margaret Baptised 3rd November 1843
    Jane Baptised 22nd Mary 1846
    Declan Baptised 25th October 1848
    Charles Baptised 21st November 1851
    I did notice on one of your posts you put Charles was your line.
    Did all the family go to England?


    Friday 20th November 2020, 01:26PM
  • Margot  That is amazing news about my resemblance to Martin Hogan and his cousin. Please do urge him to contact me ( It took me six years of mostly fruitless research to discover my relationship to the Peter Hogan and Jane Hardy family. The breakthrough came after I to decided build out the family trees of several of my 2nd-4th cousin matches with roots in the Manchester area. They were incomplete and/or riddled with errors, so it took a while. But I managed to find the marriages and subsequen census records for Jane Hogan (b. 1846) and found that Charles (b. 1851) died in Manchester in 1853. Of Patrick (b. 1841), Margaret (b. 1843) and Deela (not Declan or not Decla, b. 1849), I was unable to find a trace in the UK. Did they stay in Ireland, die, emigrate to America? I believe that Deela (a variant of Delia, found in the Irish census) may have also died in the famine or aftermath, because a sister Delia Ann, was born in Manchester in 1857. Was it a custom to name later children after kids who died youg? In any case, Charles (the 2nd) was born to the couple in 1855, and I am pretty sure he was my great-grandfather (subject to confirmation). James Henry (b. 1860) and Charlotte (b. 1863) were born later. Tragically, Peter Hogan died in 1863, and Jane Hogan died in 1870, leaving several young orphans. I have been able to trace James, Delia (also Bedelia), and Charlotte through the marriage, baptism and census records in Manchester. There is a lot more I can relate to you about all this if you email at the address above.  Keith




    Keith Roscoe

    Saturday 21st November 2020, 01:30AM
  • Hi Keith,

    Martin is not on line.
    He is very hard to get hold of so I just meet him every year.
    I will email you from now on.


    Saturday 21st November 2020, 02:16PM