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Two children of Patrick Joseph Pluck and Julia (nee Luff) died in infancy in 1879. They were Daniel, born 24 August 1875, died 1 Feb 1879 and John, born29 October 1877, died 15 Feb 1879. They were born in Shantalla, Galway and died at that location where Patrick was operating a Plant Nursery. The family were Catholics and some of the children were baptised at the Parish of St Joseph.

I would like to find out where they were buried.

James Joseph Pluck was born on 19 August 1873 and Patrick Christopher Plauck was born 6 January 1880 and I would like to ascertain where they went to school before the family migrated to Queensland, Australia in 1886.

j tolhurst

Tuesday 21st September 2021, 07:12AM

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  • Suggest you contact the church, which may have burial records.

    I hope this helps.


    Tuesday 21st September 2021, 01:13PM
  • Hi,

    To add to Patricia's Post, Patrick and Julia married in 1872. Patrick's address is recorded as Barna and Julia as Mervue. They were living in Barna, parish of Rahoon, when James Joseph was born in 1873. Daniel is recorded as having been born in Mervue in 1875 and baptised in Castlegar.

    The family are recorded in Shantalla for the birth of the other 4 children.

    In 1874 you have deaths of Ester and Daniel Luff. Esther is recorded as Mervue, while Daniel died in the local Fever hospital in Ballybane.

    It is likely that the two children - Patrick and Daniel - were buried in the Luff family grave, which would be the custom at that time. 

    The nearest cemetery to Shantalla would be Rahoon, while the nearest to Mevue would be Fort Hill, Lough Atalia Road (Sea Road) which is close to the Galway Docks or the New Cemetery, Bohermore. If you contact the Heritage Officer at she should be able to tell you if the Bohermore cemetery was commissioned in 1874.

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    Tuesday 21st September 2021, 02:42PM

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  • Patricia

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I will contact the Church office.

    Kind regards

    Jim Tolhurst

    j tolhurst

    Tuesday 21st September 2021, 11:15PM
  • McCoy

    Thank you for your post and the attached files, which have added a great deal to our knowledge of  my ancestors.

    We knew that Daniel Luff had died in 1874 but were unaware the Ester had pre-deceased him and had not known they were victims of typhus.

    I will follow up with the Heritage Officer regarding the Bohermore Cemetery.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind regards

    Jim Tolhurst


    j tolhurst

    Tuesday 21st September 2021, 11:42PM