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Researching the Family tree. Looking for any information on the Powell Family of Armagh. Daughter’s. Name Isabella Powell, DOB abt 1811.  She married Charles Adams 1838 Kendal Westmoreland England. Parents were Anthony and Jane Powell. Any info would be a help.


Tuesday 25th December 2018, 06:29AM

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  • Isabella’s birth is long before the start of statutory birth registration in Ireland (1864). So to find a record of her or her family you need to rely on church records. Do you know what denomination she was? I looked in the 1901 Irish census, which is the oldest complete census) and there were 37 people in Armagh named Powell. 18 were RC and 19 were Church of Ireland (ie Anglican), so an even split.  Those seem to be the 2 likeliest options.

    I searched on the rootsireland site for Jane’s birth and her parents marriage but did not find either.

    Not all churches have records for the early 1800s, and of those records that do exist, not all are on-line. The RC records are nearly all on-line but the Church of Ireland records are not. There are copies of most of the surviving Church of Ireland records in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast but a personal visit is required to view them.

    Looking at Griffiths Valuation of Ireland for Co Armagh in 1864, there were Powell households in just 2 parishes – Loughgall and Lisnadill. They would seem two obvious parishes to search. Loughgall Church of Ireland’s records start in 1706 (with some gaps) and the RC church in 1844. Lisnadill has no RC or Church of Ireland records earlier than 1835. (The Church of Ireland’s early records were lost in the 1922 fire and the RC church simply wasn’t keeping any before the 1840s).

    Possibly DNA testing may be a way of matching with others who have additional information about where the family originate. Family Tree DNA reportedly has more people with Ulster roots than any other company. That obviously increases the chances of finding a match. You might want to try them or, if you have already tested, you can transfer your results to them for no fee.

    The North of Ireland Family History Society is running an Ulster DNA project and can offer FTDNA testing kits at a reduced price. (Go to DNA project on the website).




    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 25th December 2018, 08:46AM
  • Thank you so much for your reply. I am desperately trying to see if I can get a copy of isabella and Charles’s marriage cert. hoping it might tell me something. The Jesus Christ Family History Centre has this information, but they are closed for the holidays.

    I also have her Date of death and where she was buried in Wingate Durham  England, I believe there are only 2 cemeteries there.  but it doesnt say which as she has no headstone.I am saving up to get a researcher to look in the Holy Trinity Church records at least

    I did in fact have had my DNA tested with Family Tree, but I am elderly and other than knowing my heritage 100% irish and english. I ham also just waiting for the results with Ancestry DNA just to check. Thanks again for your assistance




    Wednesday 26th December 2018, 06:20AM
  • Noeleen,

    I’d take those ethnicity tests with a pinch of salt. They seem to assume that nobody moved around the British Isles which is patently nonsense. People have moved back and forth across the Irish Sea all the time since the end of the last ice age and so when DNA ethnicity tests conclude someone is X% English & Y% Irish it makes me a bit sceptical.  Most people, on both sides of the Irish Sea, share common origins when you go back far enough.

    According to this site below, the origin of the surname Powell in Ireland is possibly ap Howell (ie son of Howell), making it a Welsh surname. Wales used the patronymic naming system till the early 1800s.  There were many Welsh settlers in Co Armagh in the 1600s, so that’s a very feasible origin for your ancestors, especially if Church of Ireland (ie Anglican).

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 26th December 2018, 11:49AM
  • Thanx Elwyn,

    But I have traced my maternal side of the family tree. My great great  grandparents both came  from Ireland. He was from Ballylongford, born and raised. They went back there and had 2 more children in 1863, stayed 10yrs and migrated to New Zealand. The paternal side came from England, Gloucestershire. 


    Thursday 27th December 2018, 07:25AM