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Rattigan Connell and Corley Families

I am trying to track down in Addergoole the family of Connell (my family) Rattigan and Corley.

A Mary Connell married Tommie Corley over 70 years ago and he moved into the Connell house. Another sister, married a Jack Rattigan originally from Gortnagoyne (cannot find him on census) , next Townland, and they moved to Carnaseer, about 4 miles away but still in the parish of Dunmore.
The Rattigan family are still living in Carnaseer and the Corley family are still living in Addergoole. There is one son in the Corley living in Addergoole, the rest of them are married and living elsewhere in Ireland. The same with the Rattigan family.

I have found the grave in Addergoole Cemetery a monument put up by the Rattigan and Corley family. It mentions Michael Connell and Bridget whom I have in my tree. I don't know of Bridget maiden name is Henaghan.

James Connell 1834 to 1913 married Catherine Connell (maiden name) in 1866 in Addergoole and had the following children:


Michael married Bridget Henaghan. They are the two Connell I believe buried in Addergoole Cemetery. There are other Connell family. Members in the same plot but I don't know who.

If anyone has any information at all please contact me

Thank you

Tuesday 30th June 2020, 02:36PM

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