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My gg Grandparents, John Howley and Mary Silver (Rathbane, Ardrahan) had 4 children born and baptized in Clarenbridge, William Joseph,Catherine Maria,James Joseph,and  Bartholomew, born between 1861-1868.  My g Grandmother, Delia Howley, was their first child, born in 1860 but I have no record for her.  Any idea where I should look?

Planning a trip to Galway with my family  in late June and would love to drive around Clarenbridge and see the church they were baptized in. In the 1860's, would the RC Church for Kilcornan Parish be Kilcornan Church, Killeely Church or some other one??

I greatly appreciate any help you can give.

Estelle Donahue McCarthy






Estelle McCarthy

Wednesday 4th March 2020, 08:00PM

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  • Hi Estelle:


    Many thanks for your email.  We have already noted your trip with information about Kerry, but I will forward this thread to one of our Galway volunteers who will be able to assist you with your Galway roots.  If you have any further questions, please email me directly at:

    All the best,





    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 5th March 2020, 11:30AM
  • Thank you so much Jane!

    I look forward to any help you can provide.




    Estelle McCarthy

    Thursday 5th March 2020, 07:44PM
  • Dear Estelle,

    My name is Clare Horgan I am a volunteer for the Claregalway Parish area in Co. Galway

    Jane asked me to assist you with your Clarenbridge roots to help you with your trip later this year.

    I did a little research on resources available to me. I hope some of it is helpful to you in your search for ancestors.

    By just googling your information, I see you have been in conversation with others on other boards over the last couple of years too. So, there is a little repeating.

    Please find the attached documents you were looking for.

    Firstly, I double-checked the dates that records were recorded for births in the parish of Clarenbridge (Kilcornan) (free access)

    Baptismal Records are from 7 Aug 1854        to 29 Mar 1881 (free access)

    Double-checking your dates for siblings, I found and can confirm born was a:

    WILLIAM JOSEPH, Castlebar (Clarenbridge)  DOB 09-Sep-1861          Parents: John Howley & Mary Silver (Syler) Sponsors Patrick Silver & Bridget Silver

    CATHERINE MARY, Castlebar (Clarenbridge) DOB 18-Dec-1863          Parents: John Howley & Mary Silver             Sponsors John Howley & Mary Howley

    JAMES JOSEPH, Castlebar (Clarenbridge) DOB 19-Aug-1866             Parents: John Howley & Mary Silver          Sponsors John Poniard & Margaret Howley

    BARTHOLOMEW, Castlebar (Clarenbridge) DOB 18-Dec-1868             Parents: John Howley & Mary Silver          Sponsors Patrick Ryder & Honor Howley

    HONOR MARY, Castlebar (Clarenbridge) DOB 09-Apr-1871                 Parents: John Howley & Mary Silver            Sponsors Patrick Howley & Bridget Howley

    (Records were found on (subscription website). You can see original records on the (free access)

    Do you have any more information on your great grandmother Delia (Bridget is another name for Delia). Date of Birth. Where are you getting your information from? is a great website to find out the location and info on the different townlands your ancestors lived.

    Castlegar (free access)

    Rathbaun (free access)

    I too looked for graves but with no look. You may have had some luck yourself with others help.

    Here is a grave I found in Ardrahan graveyard, I would not be concerned that not all records and graves are all in Clarenbridge, they are very close to each other. (free access)

    This might another website you might to look at. It would be done up by the current community living in Clarenbridge and interest in the local history and families of the area.          (free access) (free access)

    You may have to go down the root of a professional genealogist who can do more detailed research for you. Let me know if you need any help with finding someone.

    If you wish to contact me for any help and guidance, I would be only delighted to help.

    My email is

    Best of luck


    Claregalway Family History Help, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 10th March 2020, 03:27PM
  • Hello Clare,

    Thank you for getting back to me.  As noted, about a year and a half ago, I had tremendous luck locating my Sylver family in Rathbane, Ardrahan--all thanks to the

    Message Center Help. I have been in contact with that family, did find Mary Silver's death cert and burial location (Isserkelly in Kilchreest Parish), and I am so grateful!

    Regarding the other children of Mary Silver and John Howley, I did access the records at NLI and received that info, but nothing for my great Grandmother, Delia Howley.


    You asked how I got her birth information and date (what sources).

    I had NO IDEA Delia is another name for Bridget!

    Delia's gravestone says 1860-1940

    Delia's death certificate says she died 2 April, 1940 at age "80 yrs., 3 mos., and 28 days".  Working backwards, that gives me a DOB of Dec 6, 1859, possibly rounded to 1860.


    So, back to my original question, if most of the Howley children were baptized (RC)  in Clarenbridge in the 1860's, Kilcornan Parish,  would that church have been the

    Kilcornan Church on the Galway Heritage site??  I could at least visit that church if it is the correct place for their baptisms.


    Regarding the Howley grave in Ardrahan, I also just found that site, and printed it up.  Can't be 100% sure since I don't know the parents of John Howley.


    Thank you for all the website info and I have begun to go through the ones I have not already visited.  Perhaps I could use the name of a professional geneologist as well.

    I am so thankful for your help,



    Estelle McCarthy

    Wednesday 11th March 2020, 07:03PM

    From s1sandy (Sandy Sakalas)Hi Estelle,    I am just finding this site.  My great grandmother, Bridget Lane, was from Kilcolgan Bridge, Clarinbridge.  She was baptised in the Church of the Annunciation. in 1857.  Don't know if that helps.





    Tuesday 2nd February 2021, 12:58AM

    From s1sandy (Sandy Sakalas)Hi Estelle,    I am just finding this site.  My great grandmother, Bridget Lane, was from Kilcolgan Bridge, Clarinbridge.  She was baptised in the Church of the Annunciation. in 1857.  Don't know if that helps.





    Tuesday 2nd February 2021, 12:58AM