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RC church location in Mallow

Hello from Pennsylvania,

My great-grandparents were married in County Cork in 1857.  I have a copy of the civil record of their marriage and the top of the record states, " Marriage solemnized at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Glountane in the Registrar's District of Kilshannig in the Union of Mallow in the County of Cork."  From this information, can you tell me the church they would have been married in and where it was located?

Thank you for your help.




Monday 11th February 2019, 04:08PM

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  • The Chapel of Glauntane (aka Glantane, Glantain, Glountane or Glowntain) was in the parish of the same name located in the village of Glantane located about 10km to the south west of the town of Mallow - see Google Map Directions from Mallow. There was a Chapel at Glantane on the same site back to at least the 1830s probably further...

    Are you certain about the year being 1857 ?
    Catholic marriages were not included in civil records until 1864...

    The current church is dedicated to St John the Baptist (see attached image from Google Street view), and on the c1890s OSI map it's shown as St. John's R.C. CHurch

    p.s. there was also a separate parish with a similar name "Glountane" in Co. Cork near Glanmire - but not in Mallow reg. district or Kilshannig sub-district.


    Monday 11th February 2019, 04:39PM

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  • Thank you so very much for this information and yes, I had the numbers in the date reversed.  The marriage date is 1875.  Thank you, again! Marybeth


    Monday 11th February 2019, 09:16PM
  • Hi and thank you again for the information you have sent me.  A family member, who lives in New York, would like to have a tree planted at this church in memory of her husband who recently passed away.  Do you know if this is possible and if it is, who we should contact to accomplish this?  Thank you again, Marybeth


    Tuesday 26th February 2019, 05:57PM
  • I would suggest contacting the parish directly to ask about your request - their webpage includes an email, it might also be worth trying a letter.

    I've asked if any our Co. Cork volunteers might be located nearby and have additional advice (I'm based quite a distance away in Dublin)


    Wednesday 27th February 2019, 07:54PM