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Records of Steeplechase Jockeys

My great great grandfather, Michael Fitzgerald was said to have been a steeplechase jockey. . I do not know if he was professional or amateur. He was supposedly killed in a race accident. He was married to Mary Prinderville, and had a daughter named Honora Fitzgerald.  His wife dies when Nora was young.   After his death, his now orphaned daughter left for the USA. She said his death allowed her to leave the convent where she was being schooled.  On her immigration form she declared she was from Dingle. Michael's death, and her subsequent  departure from Ireland would have been about 1890-92. Is there anyway to learn more about either Michael, Mary or Honora (Nora) Fitzgerald?  I would especially like to learn more about his riding career as I am an avid horsewoman myself.
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Missy Wall

Saturday 25th July 2020, 01:44AM

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