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Hello! I'm researching my ancestors who I believe lived in the parish of Kiltullagh in the townland of Mountdelvin (Mount Delvin?). I have a distent cousin who was born and raised there who confirmed that this is where she was from, and I've found additional records that older ancestors lived there as well. My grandmother's cousin Thomas Regan was born there, and records indicate his father's name was Hugh. Records also list a Timothy Regan living in Mountdelvin in the 1840's and 50's, but I'm not sure how he's related to the family (I imagine an ancestor, because from what I gather it's a very small community). Can anyone help me fill in the blanks on perhaps Hugh's father and his relationship to Timothy Regan? Hugh had a brother Thomas, who was my 2x great grandfather. Any help would be very much appreciated! 


Sunday 21st November 2021, 08:30PM

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  • Approx dates for Hugh and Thomas?


    Sunday 21st November 2021, 09:33PM
  • Thomas Regan my 2x great-grandfather was born around 1864.  The other Thomas Regan, Hugh's son, (who's actually my grandmother's father's cousin, my mistake!) was born around 1881. Hugh was born approx. 1855. I'm not entirely sure Hugh and Thomas were brothers but they were definitely related. 


    Sunday 21st November 2021, 11:08PM
  • Hayley:

    First, Ballinlough RC baptismal records start in 1839 on the subscription site Roots Ireland although the NLI parish register shows 1844

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has a June 24 1855 baptismal record in the Ballinlough RC records for a Hugh Regan with father Thomas Regan and mother Mary Discon. They lived in Kiltobar.  There was also a September 7 1862 baptismal record in Ballinlough for a Thomas Regan with father Thomas Regan and mother Mary Regan. They also lived in Kiltobar.

    There was also another Thomas Regan baptismal record in Ballinlough December 1 1867 father Patrick Regan and mother Margaret Hale. They also lived in Kiltobar.

    Kiltobar must be a local placename since I don't see that name in the official townland list.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd November 2021, 12:55AM