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I am at a roadblock and can't figure out where I can go next, if anywhere.

I have the church record of my great-grandparents marriage. I have searched for the civil record, but it was in 1853, so I am not finding anything.

I would love to find out more about my ancestor (birth year, residence) but the church record has none of that.

What would you do next?

Thank you in advance!




Wednesday 13th February 2019, 12:42AM

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Kildimo (Limerick) Glin (Limerick) Shanagolden (Limerick)

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  • Wendy,

    I'm certainly no expert at all but the addresses that I have uncovered were written most clearly on the birth documentation of my ancestor's children rather than a marriage certificate. It's possible you'll find more there.

    Good luck!


    Wednesday 13th February 2019, 05:32AM
  • Wendy,

    You haven’t said what denomination the marriage was but I suspect it was RC. RC marriages were only included in the civil records from 1864 onwards so there won’t be a civil certificate for an 1853 RC marriage.

    You might be able to find your ancestors baptisms from church records, plus Griffiths, wills and related records.


    Wednesday 13th February 2019, 11:17AM
  • Thank you Chrissy and Elwyn.  I was afraid of this, that there are few paths left.

    Chrissy, online the civil record of the childrens' births only mention the place (Shanagolden), not an address. Is there another source?

    Yes Elwyn, it was an RC marriage so I guess a civil record is not available. Without knowing even the birthdate or approximate age of my ancestor I just don't know where to turn next.

    I have asked in another post, but it may be worth mentioning again here that my ancestor's mother died in 1876 leaving a husband and 10 children (6 under the age of 15). Her husband was a baker in Shanagolden.  From that point on I can't locate any civil/church documenation of marriages/deaths that I can link to any of them. I am starting to think either they left the area or went to a workhouse. I've started to search in Limerick City and in Kerry also, but so far I can't connect any dots with so little information.

    Is there any way to search workhouse records (either online or in-person) to find if they went there?

    Is there any census type data for Limerick City for 1877-1890? I have a lead on a Daniel O'Connell as a baker in LImerick at that time at 3 Nelson Street. I'm hoping that I can uncover all the children at the same address in those years. He died in 1890, the year my ancestor came to America. Could just be coincidence...

    Thank you for any ideas on whether or not I am truly at a dead end!




    Wednesday 13th February 2019, 03:36PM