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Good afternoon hope everyone Over there is safe and well during Covid 19. Like a lot of people at the moment Im tracing family history. Any help you can give me on the following relatives please would be hugely appreciated as I have little to no information on them and would love to trace my Irish ancestry back from NZ...I am directly related to all of the following mentioned persons.... Jane Tolerton born circa 1751 in Seagoe,Armagh (Father perhaps Alexander Tolerton / mother unknown). Jane married John Cooke 15th Sept 1779 in Seagoe. John Cooke 1738 - 24.6.1807 and had 3 sons Alexander 1777-1819; Mathew 1782 - 1866; and Samuel 1785-1819...Jane possibly had a sister or relation also born in Seagoe Anne Tolerton circa 1747 - 15.1.1831 . She married William Lutton 11.5.1766 and had a known daughter Anne Lutton and poss others.   Many thanks... Gina Samson (nee Cooke) NZ








Kiwi 67

Tuesday 21st April 2020, 04:56AM

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  • You haven’t said what denomination these families were. If they were Church of Ireland then the following records exist for Seagoe parish:

    Baptisms, 1672-1731, 1735-1821 and 1829-76;

    marriages, 1672-1731, 1735-1821 and 1826-45;

    burials, 1672-1731, 1735-1821 and 1829-81;

    Analysis of register of baptisms, marriages and burials, 1672-1904.

    Index to baptisms, marriages and burials, 1672-1919.

    There’s copies of the above records in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. No other denomination has any Seagoe records for the 1700s.

    If any of the families were farmers then they should be listed in the tithe applotment records in 1834. Here’s the tithes for Seagoe:


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 21st April 2020, 08:50AM
  • Hi Elwyn...Many thanks for the reply. I am unsure what denomination they were but only assuming Church of Ireland. Are the PRONI records online / available to public ? Please excuse my ignorance as our system in NZ is quite different. Thank you for the Tithe link also re farmers I will do some digging.

    Many thanks

    Kiwi 67

    Tuesday 21st April 2020, 10:32PM
  • The records in PRONI are not on-line. You have to go in person to look them up. If you are unable to go yourself, you could employ a researcher. Researchers in the PRONI area:

    Their e-mail contact is:

    (Like all museums and repositories in Ireland, PRONI is closed at the moment).

    You may find Seagoe’s records on subscription sites like rootsireland or Emerald Ancestors. They don’t always cover all years and there can be transcription issues which make some records hard to locate.

    There’s an article about the Seagoe records and general social conditions in the area that you might find interesting:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 22nd April 2020, 08:38AM