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Researching Anthony Callaghan's parents John Callaghan and Bridget Mclane. I believe they lived Lahardane but have been unable to find any information on them. Anthony was born March 1, 1842, Addergoole, Mayo according to the Diocese of Killala. 

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Saturday 18th September 2021, 10:27PM

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  • Kevin:

    The records for the RC parish of Addergoole start in January 1840. I did search the subscription site Roots Ireland but was unable to find a marriage record for John Callaghan and Bridget McLane. I also could not locate any siblings to Anthony.

    If John and Bridget were from Addergoole parish baptismal records will not be available.

    The 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing does show two John Callaghan records. Possibly one of the two records was for your ancestor.

    Did the family stary in Ireland?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 18th September 2021, 11:40PM
  • Roger,

    Unknown if the his mother or father stayed in Ireland but Anthony migrated to the United States and lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he married Cecelia Mullen who also is from Ireland. According to Anthony's US Census reports he is from Ireland and migrated to America around 1850 or 1851. All of Anthony's paperwork leaves the father and mother blank or it states unkown. Also, thank you for the help he has been a tough one to crack. It was alot easier to trace my McDonnell/McConnell side of the family. 


    Kevin Callahan


    Sunday 19th September 2021, 08:56AM