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Revision Book Date Question

Can someone help me to interpret the dates in this Revision Book entry?  I see 68 69 in the left column and 1907:1908 in the right column. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



Sunday 19th January 2020, 03:48PM

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  • The Revision Books were used for about 10 years and then replaced by new books. The clerks went round every couple of years and updated the records. They used a different coloured ink for each year’s visit.  So in the example you have given, John Meaghan was replaced by Anne Treanor in 1901 (red ink).  In 1908 (purple ink) the plot was renumbered slightly. What had been plots 27A & 27B was combined as 27AB. The numbers 6869 in red at the extreme left are the number of the amendment.  Similar numbers, in a rising sequence, appear against every amendment made in that townland.


    Sunday 19th January 2020, 05:23PM
  • Thank you once again Elwyn, this information is very helpful.


    Monday 20th January 2020, 02:40PM