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I believe Bartholemew Campbell Russell (1791-1874) lived in the big house at Rhaniskey. Is the house still standing?



Saturday 12th Mar 2022, 06:50PM

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  • The house/estate was located in the townland of Keeloges in Newcastle civil parish, it shown as Ranisky  on the historic OS Maps. The townland is located less than 1km north of the town of Newcastle and a little over 4.5 km north west of the town of Saggart.

    Griffith's valuation shows a number of entries for a Bartholomew Russell in this townland.

    A modern aerial view shows what look like industrial buildings and warehouses on the same site, appears to be a transport business, building materials and garden centre.  A 3d google view shows what looks like a house on the site, difficult to tell the age from the overhead view - but appears to be on the same site as one of the older buildings - see this link (house is upper right of the building).

    Theres' a partial view of the house on Google streetview from the nearby road - see this link

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 12th Mar 2022, 08:43PM
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    See attached - c1840 OS map showing 'Raniskey' and the townland name.


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 12th Mar 2022, 08:57PM
  • Thank you. My great grandfather,Patrick Weldon, was working as a gatekeeper at the 'big house' Raniskey prior to his marriage where he met Mary Fagan.  When they wanted to marry they were forced to marry in the Protestant Church of Ireland but they later snuck away and got married again in the Catholic Church. They were married in May 1861.


    Sunday 13th Mar 2022, 07:31PM
  • You can find out if the house is still standing by looking at the information on google maps. What's more, you can see pictures of how the house looks at the moment from a satellite. It's a handy feature; it's how I traveled during the lockdown and chose countries to travel to. Lockdown changed many things in my life; due to spending a lot of time at home, I decided to change the design.


    Thursday 16th Jun 2022, 09:00PM

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