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Looking for information about my great grandfather Richard's parents and 6 siblings. On Richard's Australian marriage certificate he lists his father's occupation as wheelwright.

Richard sailed from London to Brisbane (Qld), aged 22, on the Newcastle in July 1877. He worked mainly as a miner, until an accident in a mine shaft where he broke his leg.


Cornelius O'KEEFFE Birth: 14 Dec 1837 in Killetreagh


Mary CUNNINGHAM Birth: 16 Jan 1837 in Drominagh 

*** Cannot find record of their marriage or deaths


Julia O'KEEFFE born 1856 Clonbanin > married William Twohig and emigrated to the US

Joanna O'KEEFFE born 1857 Clonbanin

Jane O'KEEFFE born 1858 Clonbanin > married Thomas McGowan and stayed in Ireland

Eugene O'KEEFFE born 1860 Clonbanin

Hanora O'KEEFFE born 1861 Clonbanin

Joseph O'KEEFFE born 1862 Clonbanin > married and emigrated to the US


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