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Hello.  My grandmother's ancestors were Robert Richardson and Ruth Lark from Aghaboe Parish, Laois County.  They emigrated to Huron County, Ontario around 1849.  They were Church of Ireland/England possibly, but became Methodist at some point. They came as a family of 9 via New Orleans.  I can find no source documents for their origination in Laois County, other than obituaries, family records and passenger lists.  I can find a Griffith's Valuation citation for a Joseph Richardson, a tenant of one John Lyster, from Grangemore townland.  However, since the valuation was taken on or after 1849, my family's emigration, I can't determine if this is a relation.

I am planning on passing through Laois county, this October, around the 23rd.  I am also interested in visiting the Rathbeagh area of nearby Kilkenny County to see the Disney homelands as well.  Perhaps coincidently, the Richardsons and the Disneys met up in Huron County after emigration, but their homelands were quite close by in Ireland.

Can anyone point me to any potential research sources while I am there this October?


Mike Miles


Monday 7th Oct 2019, 03:52PM

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  • The Church of Ireland Parish of Aghaboe is listed under is alternate name of Aghavoe on the latest RCB Parish list (Sept. 2019), unfortunately it appears that the historic registers were among those lost during the event of the Civil War - the details noted are as follows : "..2 volumes of parish registers, comprising baptiems 1816-1877, marriages 1817-1844 and burials 1816-1876, were destroyed in the fire in the Public Record Office in 1922...."

    The Primary Valuation for Aghaboe was dated 26th October 1850, so likely the associated final valuation would have taken place within a few months of this date. The entiies for the townland also show an Edward Richardson leasing a similar property to Joseph.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 8th Oct 2019, 05:10PM
  • Thanks.  That would explain my brickwall.



    Wednesday 9th Oct 2019, 02:21PM
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    Hello Michael,

    I have checked a record known as the Tithe Applotments Books. These record were compiled in the 1820s. They were used to levy tax on certain types of farmland. I found a Robert Richardson listed as having two portions of land in the townlands of Grangebeg and Maghernaskeagh (Bushfield) in Parish of Aghaboe.. When Griffith's Valuation for these townlands is checked, the name has disappeared, which ties in with your story that they had emigrated by the time of the Valuation. In all probability this may be your Robert Richardson.





    Ballyadams Laois

    Monday 21st Oct 2019, 01:05AM
  • The above article about Walt Disney is from the local paper -The Kilkenny People- as you can see It mentions the Richardson connection. 



    Ballyadams Laois

    Monday 21st Oct 2019, 01:12AM
  • Thanks.  I will look into the Tithe Applotment Books.


    Sunday 3rd Nov 2019, 02:48AM

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